Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bob Jones (a dynamic conservative host) found a co-host...
to enhance his program!
El Defenzor Life Every Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. [Homero (Homer) Villarreal, founder/editor of El Defenzor is now live on 1440 KEYS Every Tuesday.]
When Jimmy Logo left 1440 AM KEYS Radio a few months ago, Bob Jones, a dynamic conservative host took over the vacant slot. And in a surprising move, about four weeks ago, Jones search for a co-host to enhance his program. Homero (Homer) Villarreal, founder and editor of El Defenzor newspaper was asked to be a “co-host” with Mr. Jones on Tuesdays. The introduction of Villarreal, a political independent and social critic, has led to some constructive and controversial debates on many an issue. Bob Jones was brought in to be the host in the KEYS Morning Program in late September of this year. The station placed its faith on him, and he decided to take a calculated risk and began to search for a person with a “fresh perspective on things” to add more zing to the show. Villarreal, who describes himself as a social critic by nature, said when he received the initial telephone call of the decision: “It seemed surreal.” He asked himself: "Why would a radio station that prides itself on being ultra conservative really decide to bring in a political independent to present a diverse point of view?"... Well, KEYS did. Villarreal every Tuesday begins his show with an Hispanic Samba and then he delivers his editorial comments on the issues of the day; then both he and Jones open the telephone lines up to the radio listeners to provide feedback. Many calls from distant towns are starting to trickle in on a regular occasion. After the first appearance by Villarreal on the show, Jones received calls from conservatives, especially Hispanic conservatives, asking him: "Why Homer of all people?" Jones responded: “Because he has an intellectual prowess; he is able to cogently verbalized his point of view so concisely.”
harry reid - 01:13pm Dec 10, 2005 Central (#1 of 31) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
Whoopie Tee Doo.. that's not radio news, this is: The self-proclaimed "King of All Media" is taking his show to Sirius Satellite Radio, where they're paying the shock jock $500 million over five years to make their business viable after tens of millions of dollars in losses. Stern's windfall includes salaries, overhead and other costs for his programming a pair of Sirius stations.
You know what would really be interesting.. is to find out who the Board of Directors for Sirius are.. and uncover their politcs...
I'll bet there are a few RICH Republicans supporting the DEVIL. (Meaning they don't mind making $$$$ off of Stern, but they are they same neo cons that blasphemed him..)
Sort of like the real money behind porn now a days.. they are major US corporations that speak out of both sides of their mouths.
Know what I mean?
PB - 01:22pm Dec 12, 2005 Central (#2 of 31)
You know what would really be interesting.. is to find out who the Board of Directors for Sirius are.. and uncover their politcs... I'll bet there are a few RICH Republicans supporting the DEVIL.
You should do a little research before you open your pie-hole. The CEO of Sirius is Mel Karmazin, former Infinity, CBS, and Viacom bigwig. According to the Federal Election Commission, 80% of his donations are to Democrats and special interests.
See here:
harry reid - 02:17pm Dec 12, 2005 Central (#3 of 31) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
It didn't say the "Chariman" PB, it said the Board of Directors... so open yours' you retard!
PB - 04:23pm Dec 12, 2005 Central (#4 of 31)
Who gives a crap about the Board of Directors? They just rubber-stamp already-made decisions, and collect ridiculous salaries for meeting once a quarter. Who's the retard? You can't even spell "Chairman".
harry reid - 06:59pm Dec 12, 2005 Central (#5 of 31) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
And I'm sure you've never had a litttle typo problem.. Yeah, right!
PB, you're such a jerk. First rattle out of your cage and you're giving me attitude. I don't recall any other correspondence from you, but in our first exchange, you have to sink to Republcian depths. Appearing smug and trying to act superior. When it's obvious you have miserable reading skills.
So, I think you've got about as much respect as I'd give Tom DeLay.
harry reid - 07:04pm Dec 12, 2005 Central (#6 of 31) “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
Now be a good little boy and research the "directors" and major stockholders. I'm still willing to bet there are several wealthy Repukes that have sold out to the DEVIL for a few bucks.
PB - 08:39am Dec 13, 2005 Central (#7 of 31)
PB, you're such a jerk. First rattle out of your cage and you're giving me attitude. I don't recall any other correspondence from you, but in our first exchange, you have to sink to Republcian depths. Appearing smug and trying to act superior. When it's obvious you have miserable reading skills.
Yada yada yada, same old crap. All I said was do some research before you opened your pie-hole, since you were clearly pre-disposed to blame Republicans and Neo-cons for supporting Howard Stern and the devil WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE. You started with the personal attacks with the "retard" comment. And in the message above there are no less than 5 personal attacks. Oh, the hypocrisy!
PB - 08:46am Dec 13, 2005 Central (#8 of 31)
Oh and by the way, Mr. Reading Skills, you used two incomplete sentences in your previous post.
PB - 09:16am Dec 13, 2005 Central (#9 of 31)
If you wish to have an intelligent debate without the name-calling, I'd be glad to oblige.
Here's a starting point: Howard Stern is a democrat.
PB - 10:22am Dec 13, 2005 Central (#10 of 31)
It just gets worse...
Larry Flint: Democrat Hugh Hefner: Democrat
From__Said - 12:07pm Dec 13, 2005 Central (#11 of 31) I did NOT vote for him - and I'm proud of it!
you are very mistaken about Howard Stern:
PB - 01:29pm Dec 13, 2005 Central (#12 of 31)
Nice bit of research FS, a good article. The article is somewhat inconclusive as to his political leanings, other than quotes from him that he's "independent". FEC records show that when he makes political donations, they are to democrats, most recently to Gary Ackerman (D-NY) in August of this year.
From__Said - 03:13pm Dec 13, 2005 Central (#13 of 31) I did NOT vote for him - and I'm proud of it!
well, you all should have treated him better: (don't forget the hundreds of thousands of his listeners)
You see, a few days before, in what will likely go down in fan annals as Stern’s Damascus Road moment, the King had had an epiphany. Long known as a Republican sympathizer (his aborted 1994 governor’s run and subsequent party switch were considered critical to the election of George Pataki), Howard announced that reading Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them convinced him George Bush was “a religious fanatic and a Jesus freak.” Bush was “bent on getting some sort of bizarro agenda through—a country-club agenda so his father will finally be proud of him,” Stern said. It was his Bush-bashing—ranging from passionate, if murkily argued, attacks on the president’s stem-cell-research stand to calling W. “a former drunk who spent 40 years driving his car into bushes”—that cooked his goose with Clear Channel, Stern said. The “indecency” charge was just a cynical cover
(see, he was orignally all yours!)
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:27am Dec 14, 2005 Central (#14 of 31)
Howard Stern is a piece of Crap.
What is he going to do for us here in the Body of Christ & South Texas?
Homero & Bob Jones are creating change in South Texas.
Ask Mr Shamsie who Homero & El Defenzor is?
The Caller even contacted Homero on the air today asking him for an interview.
IMHO Homero declined out of respect for Mr Jones.
Bob Jones should have gave it his blessing and insisted on the interview. Homero is in control. Bob Jones needs to roll with the punches; Bob Jones needs to be thankful Homero is riding shotgun with him.
Eventually & inevidably everyone will take notice.
Roger S. - 01:53am Dec 14, 2005 Central (#15 of 31)
Jaime, Anton the imposter and/or now aluminum hat man everyone here knows you and your co-worker Mr. Homer are not reliable credible authorities, your not the voice of the Fernandez family paternity case, and not even in touch with Fernandez Family for over a year now. They are aware of your long support of the Kenedy corporations and your agenda, and flip flop ways. Why would the Fernandez Family create Why do they only post on forum? Why do they, the land commissioners office, and Mr. D.. fail to contact you about wind energy? Answer: You are in a fantasy world of government employee cover-ups with police departments, sheriff personnel, Texas Rangers, and Federal agencies. Please as a new year resolution get real mental health help. I hope you can give up the aluminum hat. Anyone with questions about my family genealogy project can contact Merry Christmas!!!
Elwood Blues - 10:10am Dec 14, 2005 Central (#16 of 31) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason" another thread crashes and burns....
Jaime Kenedeno - 04:04pm Dec 14, 2005 Central (#17 of 31)
That was YOUR Daddy's Boss!
Ray Fernandez' days are numbered in Nueces County.
We have more than enough credibility and it is snowballing.
Ask the County Commissioners.
Like the Fernandez' have anything to say about the wind farm in Kenedy County. You guys are losers.
I was contacted by Mr Jack Hunt.
native of C.C. - 01:44am Dec 15, 2005 Central (#18 of 31) another thread crashes and burns....
Did you honestly thing that it wind up otherwise?
Jaime Kenedeno - 03:02am Dec 15, 2005 Central (#19 of 31)
Call in to the Bob Jones Show!
1440 KEYS
The Caller's own Adriana did.
In fact she was discussing an interview.
Elwood Blues - 09:45am Dec 15, 2005 Central (#20 of 31) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason"
nCC~ Did you honestly thing that it wind up otherwise?
Sometimes they do,native..if JK only posts once or twice,sometimes the thread gets hijacked and a whole new discussion starts up.It's happened on a couple of Kathaksung threads,in fact,I remember one of his threads going to 60 some-odd posts,and they weren't talking about the CIA making hurricanes to try to kill him. LOL.
JK and Roger have been at each others throats for awhile over God knows what all (I gave up trying to figure it all out awhile back).I guess now they're going to drag it into radio.
Jaime Kenedeno - 10:38pm Dec 15, 2005 Central (#21 of 31)
They dont got the Balls to call in!
They are wrong and they know it.
Everyone will see in time.
can do the same to you guys if that is how you want to play?
Just remember not to cry to the sysops when and if you provoke me.
Maybe just the thing we need to engage our network of Warriors?
BTW EB we represent much more than the stupid Fernandez'crap.
Agree or disagree with us either way, we can accomplish a better South Texas.
Elwood Blues - 12:17pm Dec 16, 2005 Central (#22 of 31) "I'm NOT the "voice of reason"
JK~ They dont got the Balls to call in!
The "balls"? How about the interest? Who freaking cares,Jaime? The only reason you're coming on here pimping Bob Jones is because he's putting your new hero,Homer Villarreal on the radio.What?..Vicente Carranza won't shut up long enough to let Homer get a word in edgewise on his show?
Think about it, many listeners does Jones have?..How many does "Shower boy" have? many does KEYS have across the board?..not many.When they lost Limburger and Jim Lago,they lost most of what little listeners they had.If you're looking to KEYS to somehow be the mouthpiece for your "better South Texas"'re spinning your wheels..nobody listens much to them.
JK~ Just remember not to cry to the sysops when and if you provoke me.
"Provoke" you?..dude..I dismissed you a long time ago.To "provoke" you implies that I give two whits about whatever it is your're rambling about on any given day.
Jaime Kenedeno - 09:49pm Dec 16, 2005 Central (#23 of 31)
Eb "I dismissed you a long time ago.To "provoke" you implies that I give two whits about whatever it is your're rambling about on any given day."
You gave enough to answer EB.
I rest my case.
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:46am Dec 17, 2005 Central (#24 of 31)
PB "You can't even spell "Chairman."
It was a typo DUDE.
Jaime Kenedeno - 12:49am Dec 17, 2005 Central (#25 of 31)
Said........ Are you advocating for Howard Stern?
Jaime Kenedeno - 02:11am Dec 17, 2005 Central (#26 of 31)
Kv; is a world of government employee cover-ups with police departments, sheriff... Posted on December 17, 2005 at 04:03:13 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
personnel, Texas Rangers, and Federal agencies.
I did not say it.
The Fernandez Faux Website Spokesperson Roger said it. However he did fictionalize it by calling it a fantasy.
Yeah Right.
You hit the nail on right on the head Rog! Thanks for summarizing it up for me.
A little more to add of a federal element and keep in mind that Tony "Twofer" Canales Is counsel to the King Ranch.
· Tony Canales lost to Rene Rodriguez in the Oxy Chem Litigation · Tony Canales referred CCAD cases to Lucinda Juarez? · Tony Canales became involved in the Citgo Litigation involving Rene Rodriguez and Jaime Capelo. · Tony Canales is aligned with Hugo Berlanga. · Hugo Berlanga had serious allegations and stepped down · Jaime Capelo replaced him · Jaime Capelo (with Nixon) wrote the Medical Legislation that benefited Health Care Entities much more than the Physicians. · Tony Canales represents KFATSO & the Health Care interest AKA known as Christus · Barbara Canales Black runs against Chuey Hinojosa for state senator
Thus Vincente Carranza's Politicos Conflictos
which reveals another part of the Puzzle.
Look for me @ Garibaldi and other Politico hang outs
Legal and Illegal!
Are you, as Winchell called it; "IN THE KNOW"?
Jaime Kenedeno - 02:21am Dec 17, 2005 Central (#27 of 31)
Oh Yeah and as the Seven Dwarfs as they went to their JOB, " Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go"
Coffee, Tea or the ME?
or Maybe his wifey
I think they got Frostbyte
Also the Neighborhood Arbor Association is concerned!
The trimming of Branches by neighbors is strictly forbidden!
Know what I mean Marie?
The Association wifey is "IN THE KNOW".
I told you GOD is watching!
Saul U Insky!!!
From__Said - 11:23am Dec 18, 2005 Central (#28 of 31) I did NOT vote for him - and I'm proud of it!
are you missing a cup in your cupboard?
I just proved that Howard Stern was at one time a Republican - even ran for an office - then he was touted as a libertarian - and yet PB claims he's a Democrat.
What's with your reading skills anyway, Jaime?
PB - 05:49pm Dec 18, 2005 Central (#29 of 31)
Hmmm....Lets see.... Stern is Jewish, from New York, in the media business, makes political donations to Democrats....
Not a Democat? Riiiiight. Lets hear another story.
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:38pm Dec 18, 2005 Central (#30 of 31)
JK are you missing a cup in your cupboard?
"I just proved that Howard Stern was at one time a Republican - even ran for an office - then he was touted as a libertarian - and yet PB claims he's a Democrat."
I dont vote according to party affiliation. More people need to get away from party affiliation. What you affirm is the "Republican Lever" what South Texas knows as "Palanca Democrática".
Reading Skills???
What is this thread about?
That is until I chose to include "King Stern"
I realized From Said is right!
Howard Stern is connected to a Huge Very Productive South Texas Movement!
Remember Selena & King Stern?
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:39pm Dec 18, 2005 Central (#31 of 31)
Howard Stern Now on Sirius Satellite Did a good JOB........ Posted on December 19, 2005 at 01:36:25 AM by Jaime Kenedeño
Uniting & Motivating South Texas.
Remember the Fall Out?
Is that what it takes for South Texas to flex it's MUSCLES?
South Texas Shrugged when Stern maligned Selena (over the airwaves).

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez

Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:40pm Oct 10, 2005 Central
Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez
Democrats are not behind Shamsie! There is only certain clique of Democrats who want to “Strong Arm” Shamsie back into the Nueces Constitutional County Court! This “clique” (or group of “Cronies”) I will refer to as the “Shamsie Clique” or “Shamsie Cronies”. It is my understanding, Shamsie’s support stems from the Office of Congressman Solomon Ortiz and certain other witnesses to the “Capelo Deal”. Attorney Shamsie (along with George Finley {Nueces County Hospital District}) witnessed the transaction between Attorney & State Representative Jaime Capelo and Attorney Rene Rodriguez.. Capelo represented Citgo at the time and Rodriguez was in dispute with Corpus Christi Police Officers Association! (Laredo National Bank VP) Roland Guerra had to break the bad news to Capelo and then he was thrown to the dogs! Why was Shamsie never deposed? Why not Finley (deposed)? Tony “The Two Fer” was mad at Rodriguez and Capelo! What about Hugo Berlanga grooming Capelo for the JOB? I seem to remember some kind of criminal charges filed on Hugo Berlanga and his backroom politics! Now Capelo and Berlanga are both better off! They are both successful lobbyists in Austin! Then we go to the Medical Legislation! Who was it good for? Was “The Two Fer” Pro or Con with the proposition authored by Joe Nixon? The Doctor’s Malpractice insurance increased! Who made out on this deal?
Now back to the “Shamsie Cronies” it is rumored and warnings have been issued! The media is being “Strong Armed” financially! Elite and Power Brokers (Powercrats) within the Democratic Party are frowning on the media who promote any other option for the Democratic primary and certainly to support an independent will bring the wrath of both Parties! They are in essence saying, “we are going to use our Incumbent resources to discourage (SQUEEZE) clients from working with your business’ if you (the Media) speak negatively of Shamsie! Even if it is
Tejano2K - 02:50pm Oct 11, 2005 Central (#1 of 10)
As we know;There's always two sides to every story,hope somebody will tell it because anyone can write just about anything about anybody.Sould we be rooting for 'Shamsie'?
GRusling - 08:16am Oct 22, 2005 Central (#2 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
This is all political doubletalk. It appears meaningless because it is...
Jaime Kenedeno - 06:17pm Oct 22, 2005 Central (#3 of 10)
GR: "This is all political doubletalk. It appears meaningless because it is..."
Explain? Verify your statement Please?
GRusling - 10:49pm Oct 23, 2005 Central (#4 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
Politicians are all crooks, endit.
The "pot" is calling the "kettle" BLACK again!
All concerned are up to their eyeballs in gutter-slime...
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:52pm Oct 23, 2005 Central (#5 of 10)
GR: I agree with you. Do you have any suggestions for a Candidate with integrity for Nueces County Judge. Suggestions for a nomination?
GRusling - 06:40am Oct 24, 2005 Central (#6 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
I don't live in Nueces County, thankfully...
Jaime Kenedeno - 07:04am Oct 24, 2005 Central (#7 of 10)
Then Theoretically speaking. Who do you beleive to be the man or woman for the JOB?
GRusling - 08:30am Oct 26, 2005 Central (#8 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
I have no idea. Nueces County politics are a peripheral issue for me. I rarely comment except when it's "pure" politics with little or no substance...
John DeLaGarza - 07:06pm Nov 17, 2005 Central (#9 of 10)
I dont know much about the Democrat Party locally or otherwise or the Republican Party for that matter, but I definately do not like Shamsie. IMO there is definately something Shady about him.
There has got to be a better Democrat for the job than him, either way I'll vote against him whenever he is up for reelection.
John DeLaGarza - 09:22pm Dec 8, 2005 Central (#10 of 10)
Good news Shamsie isnt going to run for reelection.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Posted on November 2, 2005 at 00:46:15 AM by Jaime Kenedeño

Hello Mr Sales,
Remember me I spoke with You this morning. As we spoke I mentioned the upcoming election and asked if you were running for County Judge. I knew you were thinking about running against Hunter for the 94th District republican Nomination, but figured I would inject a small dosage of the County Judge Rhetoric.


Well you attended & graduated from Ray High School and went on to some college somewhere and then went to Law School and grabbed your Doctorate of Jurisprudence. YEAH YEAH YEAH! All of that is fine and dandy but WHO ARE YOU JAMES SALES?

You are an ASSHOLE to those who murder!

You are feared and hated by these Birds of the Feather! Your life is on the line for the JOB well done. I ask our Lord to watch over you & yours forever & ever!

You are an ASSHOLE to those who conduct organized crime!

So you are feared once again, by those who fear none!

What good has it done?

Well we are in November 2005 and there have been so far only 8 Murders; in 2004 there were ~26 Murders. Now when a whim to kill or retaliate violently presents itself; these "would be murderers" know there will be serious consequences! God Bless You and may God watch over us here in the Body of Christ.

This one thing allows me to support your Ascension to the 94th District. You have quashed the violence. I must tip my Hat to Sandra Watts in this endeavor as well with her rehab programs of genuine concern and social research.

Let us start now and get past Hunter, then we can compare you to the Democratic Choice.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH US PLEASE CONTACT HOMER @ EL DEFENZOR 36 387 6216 or you can email me! It will be an honor to work with you! Dont worry about differences; as they can always be resolved in dialog. Remember one thing about South Texas Politics as you probably already know; Homer & El Defenzor Political Publication knows how they work here in South Texas.
I know you are not representative of an Elitist or Anglo Agenda as you have explained; "it is not the culture but there are bad apples in every walk of life". Your Family includes hispanic members as like me, your wife is hispanic as are your children.

May God watch over you and protect you & your's James Sales.

Let the Competition Begin!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Johnny & little girl AND Sarita Kenedy East

KenedyRanch Battle

Re(1): Roger, Please be informed that Jaime is not Esteban & so on & so forth
Posted on October 21, 2005 at 11:44:03 AM by marie

My husband Ray told you to take off this message board off a long time ago.and you did. Why you would put it back up, if we asked for it to be discontinued. We are not apart of this message board and will not be held responsible for you and jaime sick pranks. All you and jaime (Scott)want is to use it under our family name to get attention. This is another request to remove this board that's only been used to try and extort money from me or my family. jaime already admitted to working with you and for you not to worry everything can be proved.

Re(2): Roger, Please be informed that Jaime is not Esteban & so on & so forth
Posted on October 24, 2005 at 03:52:18 AM by dannoynted1


Marie (or whomever you may be), please be admonished
Posted on October 22, 2005 at 04:12:45 AM by Webmaster

My Dear Marie (if this posting was inf act posted by you):
If you are indeed Marie (Fernandez), wife of Dr. Ray Fernandez, please be admonished about some of the mutual agreements of our joint venture -- that is, I myself, Dr. Ray Fernandez, and yourself.
This "public" board is not the appropirate place for us to be conducting business. I have always treated you and the rest of the Fernandez family members with the outmost respect: I personally take offense in being implicated in a crime (i.e., extortion). The aforementioned was uncalled for and was clear-ly "slanderous" and "libelous." Totally unnecessary.
I have received calls and communications from throughout the state and the nation in regards to your allegations -- from national civil rights leaders to our business associates. My standing and business apparatus in society/the community have overtly been hurt.
The intitial joint venture cannot be abberated from "just like that." This board cannot be shut down "just like that" because your son decides to send me a "dictate" (which is so unbusiness-like) or because you have a sudden "conflict" with the ongoing process of this website ... these things can be worked out in a proper business setting if guided by proper decorum. The latter was drilled into all of us.
To make the matter perfectly clear: to cite my personal notes in regards to this matter and the duty log that is meticulously kept and the scribbled instuctions and/or comments that have come from your husband during the duration of this business arrangement the following has to be said. You never took much interests in this board until now, yesterday -- Friday, October 21: which is fine, "Better late than never" (when it comes to input. But be admonished that any marketing expert with "half a mind" would advice you that any disruption in the consistency of the challenging media cause will engender "doubt" and "distrust" in many of its following.
Now to answer your request. Your husband, after a lengthy dialogue with me after you took a trip to Florida sometime past, agreed (and reconfirmed) that the message board should be shut down for a few weeks and then opened back up again. I have followed such instuctions (which were a two-way "street" discussion) to the letter and spirit of it.
Disagreements seem to be a part of all business relationships, but in the end sober minds always seem to find ways of surmounting them. We have been weathered by this long battle but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I would never "sellout" the Fernandez cause nor abberate from the honorable joint venture that took place between us dignified people.
This matter (if you perceive it as a conflict) can be resolved quickly and effectively via placing one telephone call to me directly. Please have your husband Dr. Ray Fernandez call me either at my business number (361) 387-6216 or home at (361) 767-6164 at his convinience. If he has in fact changed his mind about reopening the board to the public. He needs to let me know.
If I do not hear from him in the next two days, I am obligated to keep the present arrangement in place.
Again, and as always, I am willing to work with you and your husband to clear this matter and any other that surfaces in the future. As long as we are alive there are solutions to most problems. Let us keep it professional and respectful.
a companion in this cause,
Homero Roel Villarreal Sr.

My Dear Mrs. Marie Fernandez:
Posted on October 24, 2005 at 01:44:17 AM by webamster

My Dear Ms. Fernandez:
I have awaited patiently for the last two days. I have invested too much of my money and my time to abandon this cause at the present. I have been reasonable and tried to meet your halfway.
Your husband, Dr. Ray Fernandez in the last two days (which was ample time for him to respond to me via phone or email or this board confirming you stance) has not protested to the present "joint venture" business arrangment nor to the matter of this board having been reactivated a few months ago. The board shall continue to be open to the public. The advertisments promoting this website shall continue to run in El Defenzor newspaper promoting this website as well as the advertisments for "Finder's Fee" advertisment.
As far as I am concerned this issue is closed, and the mutual venture should continue as it has consistently. If you or your husband have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at my business at (361) 387-6216 or my home number at (361) 767-6164 any time of day or night. I will be on call 24 hours if necessary -- if not, my answering machine will (and I shall return the call promtly).
Again, I advice that disagreements are part of any joint venture but sober minds always seem to find a way to surmount them.
A Mutual Partner In This
Honorable Cause

-- Homero Roel Villarreal Sr.

I represent the position of the South Texas Cause!
Posted on October 21, 2005 at 05:17:59 AM by Jaime

The committments & promises made by the Fernandez' on this website to Myself, My wife, South Texas, all readers of this website, all readers of El Defenzor and the Webmaster of

This is what I represent! I am Independent as I have always been Independent (although initially working under an agreement with El Defenzor & Fernandez was feasible until our paths diverged)! I conduct myself and my positions under nobody's thumb!

I agree with the webmaster -- transparency is necessary to maintian integrity
Posted on October 22, 2005 at 11:38:14 PM by Frank Cortez

What is the use of winning a lawsuit and loosing your intetrity.
To move to another website is silly. I have been monitoring this website from the beginning. I don't see eye to eye with anyone. My own family is involved in a similar lawsuit.
How much distrust Ms. Fernandez has for the webmaster and all the posters. There is a conspiracy here???? crap. Just people voicing opinions. We don't live in a Third World Dictatorship.
I can't believe the amount of traffic this website has. It took a long time to built to this level. It will take a long time to do it again, if it works the next time. Seems like divisions are surfacing day by day.
Stop it.

Fernandez Media Represenative H Villareal tells Marie & Pepe to say CHEESE!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


KING FERNANDEZ:R U committed to the agreements U made w/ El Defenzor? IS THERE ANY HONOR IN UR SOUL?
Posted on September 14, 2005 at 04:49:14 AM by Jaime

Posted on September 14, 2005 at 04:41:44 AM by Jaime

Read it in such a fashion?

Austin can only absorb so much content in 25 days!

I will make an impact!

The Supreme Court Environment and it's watchdogs will be scrutinizing the moves of all three sides! Maybe more than that! KISS we have the Fernandez Team, the BENCH, and KFATSO (which is polymorphic)To Map the Make up of KFATSO we must first realize there are several variants (alleles) of a particular gene that occur simultaneously! I have mapped the proverbial DNA of KFATSO and know enough to know there is much, much more! Mike Hatchell in response to the Fernandez E Brief you are absolutely correct. But you will not prevail as the Fernandez will compromise as well. This is much bigger than say the 100 -200 involved directly in the Litigation! The Atorney General needs to stand up for South Texas! But since he chooses to silently support KFATSO I will Advocate for The Wild Horse Desert AKA Desierto de los Muertos! Desierto de los muertos? How fitting? We have Public Policy: ‘the right to have a dead body remain unmolested is not an absolute one. We have a Doctor of the Dead petitioning to dig up the Dead. We also have the Wife of the Doctor of the Dead dreaming one will be dead and to quote her, "If she dreams you are going to die then you are going to Die"! I am about LIFE. I am about envigorating and inspiring a greater access to Knowledge, Wisdom,& Integrity without an Elite controlling and profiting off of us! Let us begin to Polish ourselves as we are all Diamonds in the Rough! Not only are we the Hardest element known to man but we possess a quality (in each and every one of us) of rareness only to be fathomed and feared! The Fernandez' have promised to make things happen when and if they are enabled. The enabling comes from our Public Opinion and how loud we turn the volume up! Also if we are in support or did the Fernandez' already renig? Ray Fernandez will you honor your commitments? In a pact or Contract with South Texas? All you need to do is put it in writing. Ray Fernandez, your response we in South Texas await! There should be no discussion of money; only committments previously promised! Not Money! Are you Committed to South Texas? Put in writing! Are you committed to the agreements you made with Defenzor? Put it in writing! If you choose to thumb your nose at me that is your choice but to thumb your nose at South Texas?

I will not let you get away with it!

I gave South Texas my word!
The Fernandez Cause I worked and Advocated for; was intended for the good of us all!



Monday, June 27, 2005

Priscilla Richman Owen Ascends Quietly

Priscilla Richman Owen Ascends Quietly....Posted on June 28, 2005 at 02:43:43 AM by Jaime Kenedenoto the 5th Circuit Bench. The same position Jorge Rangel was nominated and rejected (shunned) to and from? Great ally of Karl Rove and her Political Contributors. No experience whatsoever as a Trial Attorney. No experience as a Jurists at any level below the Texas Supreme Court. Never a lead atttorney in any courtroom. Judicial Activist. Tends to legislate instead of interpret the Law! I have no problem with a balanced bench or even a slight conservative bench. With Prissy at this level what next?? Rehnquist is probable to retire before Mr Rove leaves the White House. Karl Rove has a $250 K hunting lease on La Parra! Much more if interested.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cisneros: I am watching!

Cisneros: I am watching!Posted on April 22, 2005 at 04:11:40 AM by JaimeKing Ranch is only a name for a clandestine Elite group. Richard King was the King Ranch and then Henrietta. After that was an influx of Nazi war criminals secreted into America by way of South America; The Cleberg name becomes synonymous with the King Ranch. Cleberg or Kleberg? Either way it is a German sir name. Was the original Kleberg a Nazi? What was the grand plan for the King Ranch or was it for all of South Texas? Did the name Clement have anything to do with the Vatican or a Pope? History has portrayed the Scions of South Texas Ranching as honest heroes. How much farther from the truth could this history stray? This history is nothing more than a glorified folk tale! Richard King knew not loyalty to anyone. Not even his partners or his mentor Mifflin Kenedy. Mifflin was smart enough to veer from King after noticing King’s partners would always suffer some misfortunate accident. King acquired his land by many methods including breach of contract, trickery, harassment and Murder. Murder was the most effective method. This is where the Texas Rangers enter stage right. The Rangers were King’s personal enforcers. Led by Major Armstrong these ruthless huge “corn fed” Anglo “lawmen” pillaged, raped & murdered in the name of the State Of Texas. Since then, the Armstrong family not only acquired their own little acreage with a Polo field; they gained “invisible” control of the King Ranch and ascended to high positions of power within our Government. The Armstrong family is closely connected to the Bilderbergers Power Elite. Anne Armstrong is on the powerful elitist National Foreign Relations Committee and sits on the A&M Board of Regents (College Station) along with Guadalupe Rangel. The King Ranch over the years has harbored a craving for the Kenedy land or at least to waste it and use it for their own benefit. Some how, the Armstrong invisibly controls the King Ranch who influences the KFATSO to do the dirty work using Kenedy Land. Let us see if we can connect the dots? JFK was assassinated in Dallas. Oswald was blamed but many shots were fired as evidenced by the many nicks in the curb and vehicle; many bullets were fired and only three shots were heard. Hum? Silencers! History reveals to us that Francis Cardinal Spellman ordered the hit on JFK! Who is Spellman? In New York, the Vatican Intelligence 'special division' is directed by Cardinal Spellman. Cardinal Spellman is directly connected to J Peter Grace and Cardinal Bernard Law (Boston Diocese Pedophile). Why would Spellman want Kennedy dead? The King Ranch owned the Ranch in Mexico where the Campfire Boys trained as sharpshooters. Oswald as well as the whole team of assassins that killed JFK trained there. Now the King Ranch owned land in Cuba that was taken away when Castro ascended to power. Not only this; they are the force behind LBJ’s ascension to the Oval office. At this time before JFK was murdered; Sarita Kenedy East had recently passed and KFATSO would have welcomed a “strong arm” as an advantage. The King Ranch Super-lawyers and political influence were furnished to KFATSO at that time to battle the high & mighty J Peter Grace for control. KFATSO & King Ranch still share the Super lawyers and the influence as they are one except the Kenedy land is always the bait; never King Ranch land or Armstrong land. By the King Ranch lending a “strong arm” to KFATSO a reciprocity had to of occurred. Did Spellman provide the favor? Directly or indirectly, Spellman ordered the hit and in doing so favored the King Ranch? Why would the King Ranch off JFK? First, LBJ was their man and he was so close to the Oval office they could smell it. JFK did not align with the Good ole Boy system that already had plans to overthrow Castro after his changes affected corporate America. Sugar Cane prices went up & several Corporate Ranches were given back to the Cubans. JFK’s refusal to go ahead with the planned invasion did not stop the invasion but many CIA Agents were killed or captured in the Invasion we know as the Bay of Pigs. To Nixon the “Bay of Pigs” is code for the JFK assassination. Water Gate tapes are sealed, as they will reveal the truth? King Ranch & Armstrong are well associated with the CIA as well as Area 51. Friends of the Armstrongs, Bushs, Hunts and Grace were killed because of JFK (as they seen it). Now they are leveraging our Government for favors here in South Texas. It seems as though Marc Cisneros has been dispatched here to deal with the demands. We can see TAMUK has already been absorbed by the King Ranch, as has the entire A&M system? General Cisneros has served up Kenedy land on a platter to bring fruition to promises made a long time ago. Other Federal agencies are exploiting (the vulnerability) the King Ranch blackmail has created? There is a Hubert Boothe Federal power play. The Sam Granato Federal element might be double edged with Cisneros and the Ed Byrne grant out of the WIA and the interaction with Kingsville Naval Air Station as well as his activities with the FBI & DEA. Then we have the Black Helicopters that have been identified as FBI copters. These helicopters are associated with some sort of laser satellite communications systems in underground bunkers. Then we have Suson and the DoD in collaboration with the Betterment hate. The Bettermen are nothing more than noise makers and agitators with a Nazi stench. These guys will not even get invited to the King Ranch for any occasion. Bettermen haters are viewed by the elite as trailer trash and genetically weak (of a “lesser breed of stock”. The Elite will never accept these Nazi haters into their circles. In theory, the King Ranch must possess a operative or puppet in KPD, Kleberg County Sheriffs Department, Commissioners Court, TAMUK, and various other strategical positions. These puppets are the tattle tales when adverse situations to the King Ranch interest arise. King Ranch is Armstrong, Hunt & Exxon but, are they aligned for the long term or short term? Stewart Armstrong is (financially) behind the division of Kingsville and yes; he is connected with the Armstrongs in Kenedy County. Finally, I will refer to the various agencies vying for Grant money control. Whoever wins elected offices will (each) get to control the grant monies. This is why the politics are so dirty & crass. The Love of Avarice and the addiction to power is the reason so much hate is spewed out on the Candidates and their family members. TAMUK is the King Ranch’s research & development supported by huge injections of grant money in the name of Higher Education. The Ed Byrne Grant is the interdiction law enforcement with a military liaison and intelligence. This is being abused on our local citizens to settle personal vendettas of ones in charge. It was legislated for interdiction of terrorists, bombs weapons & threats to National Security but it is primarily used in South Texas to intercept drugs, Marijuana and cash; Cash and vehicles feed the “Town Bosses” addiction to the Power & Avarice. Who are the Puppets? Get rid of them! Cisneros I am watching! Tobin, your blood is still the same old blood that murdered, raped & pillaged South Texas. For this your land will be returned to it’s rightful possessors.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Fernandez Cause: The Sum of it’s parts? (unfinished)

The Fernandez Cause: The Sum of it’s parts? (unfinished)

Interestingly, diversity is a prerequisite for truly dynamic synergy. If everyone in a conversation has the same perspective, we'll see only low-level synergy, if any, but certainly nothing very exciting or productive. However if there are lots of diverse views, AND if those differences are allowed to surface, AND if there are good communication processes, then those differences will almost certainly stimulate a blossoming of ideas no one thought about before they entered the conversation. The whole can become greater than the sum of its parts to the extent those parts are different, and to the extent those differences are handled creatively.
By Tom Atlee

The Fernandez Cause: The Sum of it’s parts?

First, allow me to acknowledge Homer Roel Villarreal and El Defenzor for a job well done. The story that you authored and ran in El Defenzor is now an international article. The Fernandez Case and "Poster Boy" were ostracized shunned & all alone except for the treacherous, blood sucking, back stabbing and deceiving attorneys.
The Caller Time wanted nothing to do with the story as did most who were afraid of Job & financial opportunities being modified. KFATSO controlled and the Fernandez' were oppressed & suppressed.

El Defenzor stood up and began to spread a message. It was a message of Evolution. Defenzor called out to the foot soldiers and told us of a cause to Advocate. The Fernandez Case became the Fernandez Cause because it was supposed to help a deserved people. Most were poor and oppressed through actions of the "Old Patron System" and the Local Jeffes or "Political Bosses". John G Kenedy Jr. was a very powerful Jeffe! He was a drunk, corrupt, self-satisfying party boy that never grew up. He was handed everything to him on a platter; even the Kenedy County Bench. He was not a good man for he never took responsibility for his offspring. He was a coward and denied his own children. The Catholic Church knows who they are; but his fortune was more important than Don Gregorio's family.


Defenzor has carried and still carries the advertisements promoting the Fernandez Cause. Homero was asked to write a book for the Fernandez Cause; so, he wrote a book for the Fernandez Cause. El Defenzor helps so many in need and give and give and give. Can they do this without money? Are they greedy to expect to be compensated or should they have done all of this for free? Any money they do receive is spent helping more people because that is the way they are!

Defenzor (on behalf of Ray Fernandez) brought us in. I was contacted by Ray Fernandez on June 7, 2004. We met Dr. Fernandez & his wife at “On the Border” Restaurant to listen to each other’s goals and terms. We were asked if we were willing to dedicate our diligence (on Defenzor & Kenedyranch) to a cause we believed in. When asked what we wanted in return; we established our primary concern: the unconditional confidentiality of our identities. After agreeing, we wanted to work. We answered a job and a small piece of land, while reiterating the unconditional protection of our identity. We suggested we could earn a Permanent Professional Position by our performance, when the Ann Fernandez Family realized fruition. This was the agreement for our dedicated services to the Message Board Advocacy of the Fernandez Family. We came to refer to it as the Fernandez Cause as it snowballed into much more meaningful and evolutionary force! The Fernandez Cause as a whole, became greater than the sum of its parts! We felt it! Synergy:“The pieces of a bicycle, spread out on the garage floor, are not a bicycle. Only the pieces assembled -- that is, arranged and connected into proper relationship -- are a bicycle”. “Dynamic synergy, involves interactions that create, generate, or enable something”.
Subsequently, we became the primary researchers as the Message Board Advocacy required extensive research. As our work ethic and dedication instilled energy & will to a stalled out cause so did the assurances (by the Fernandez’) of a greater reward. Commitments of a Law School in South Texas (with an ethics watchdog student body) and a new Kenedy Board of Directors (transparently structured) were established. We became very close to the Cause as if it were our own!

As the problems trickled down (from attorneys who claim no remedy) we researched the laws and explained “how to” to the Fernandez’. We found “Gonzalez vs. Reliant” which is a statutory probate case very similar to the Fernandez case. Both are in the TX Supreme Court and Gonzalez is first in line. We accomplished and overcame for the Fernandez’ Cause many an instance. However, the accomplishment of winning souls over to a cause and enabling the little people to speak up without fear of retaliation is our greatest accomplishment.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

There is much more to come, stay tuned!

Nelly we will be addressing the issues as we see fit. The Commisioners will be informed of the acts committed by ME. Also, I know and will prove you knew for a long long time.
515 e alice.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Church Universal: An Exemplary Mandate in his Ascension!

This Pope moved mountains! The very mountains where the littlest soveriegn country resides. 109 acres, ~ 900 citizens, a soup kitchen for the poor, a police force and 100 or so Swiss Guard. Vatican City cringed at the steadfast integrity and purification Pope John Paul II represented and commanded. His final years are not representative of his early and middle years. This man told "emperors they were indeed naked". Then he would offer options where he could help them design a whole new ("more pure") wardrobe. I am very proud for this man and the Catholic Church for which he dedicated his whole life. He made huge strides toward the purification only to be stifled in his final years. His little changes in attitude and direction were not little like they seemed but, very instrumental to a healing of the Church that must be sterilized first. We are getting closer everyday to a more empirical Church Hierarchy. I hope John Paul II's qualitys were highly contagious to the electors of our next Pope. I do not feel sadness. I feel the greatness of this man being dispatched to a world that he has (from) in spirit ascended. He is far greater now than he was ever as a man. His greatness will now be felt and recognized more so (now & in the future) than ever during his life in the flesh.