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Looking Back at the Accuracy. Never learn to win a Chess Game by not playing!

Monday, January 09, 2006


Kleberg and Kenedy counties waited over 20 years to get their own court. It passed the House - great! It passed the Senate - stupendous! Kingsville State Rep. Juan Escobar was jubilant.

He succeeded where others failed.............Wait!.............It can't happen!.............. State Rep. Vilma Luna of Corpus Christi led the charge with her closely allied REPUBLICAN friends and killed the bill at the last moment. Why would she interfere in another county's business? It's not proper protocol. It is now rumored that the Kleberg County politicos are beginning to organize to not only try again for a district court but to find a viable candidate to unseat that REPUBLICAN in sheep’s clothing. Trespassing on another's backyard with her REPUBLICAN cohorts is not new to Vilma. She recently sponsored a fundraiser for REPUBLICAN Craddick in Kingsville without even telling State Rep. Escobar. (Things may be more difficult for Vilma in the future now that her major REPUBLICAN connection in Kenedy and Kleberg counties, Tobin Armstrong, has gone to greener pastures.) Do ya think that's why she wasn't included or invited by her fellow Democrats to the Oklahoma history making bash? Guess she'll also just go down in flames like her mentor, Carlitos Truan.


At 3:53 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

Good Cleberg dont need a new district court.

They stole the TAMUK Pharmacy funds to bater for it.

I got a whole lot of proof of shennanigans with these King Ranch Puppets.

Kenedy wants nothing to do with it.

At 9:58 PM, DANNOYNTED1 said...

Why would escobar want a new district court?

Is it the king ranch influence?

It was John Hubert.

At 10:13 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

Escobar traded TAMUK's Pharmacy Funds to trade for New District Court!
6/15/2005 8:22 PM

He noted that the Kleberg County Commissioners Court first passed a resolution asking the Legislature to create a new court in 1981 and adopted similar pleas in 1995, 1996, 1999 and last November.
“I recognize that there has been some concern raised since then about whether there will be enough funds available from the state for both the Irma Rangel College of Pharmacy at Texas A&M-Kingsville if the state also has to finance a new district court for Kleberg and Kenedy counties, but I think that concern is unjustified,” Escobar said.

At 10:14 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

It is Hubert & The Boothes who are behind this whole Division of Kingsville
7/1/2005 1:26 AM

Allegedly, an FBI Agent informed Officials he was anticipating Judge
Hayden Head to inquire if the FBI had in fact been contacted. The FBI
Agent allegedly informed official that he (the FBI Agent) would be
forced to say they had not been contacted. Official claims to have
informed FBI at least 3 times. Judge Head requested any conspiracy
theories be put in writing. Official informed the undercover agent & the
FBI informant of the Judge's request. FBI informant contacted his
handler who allegedly contacted the U S Attorney's office (where
Patricia Hubert Boothe is a Prosecutor). In turn, the U S Attorney's
office was being asked to petition the Court to seal the documents from
public disclosure. Kingsville Official followed with a call to the U S
Attorney's office and stressed the importance of sealing the documents
(with the names of the undercover officer as well as the informant)to
avoid revealing the identities. Allegedly, the U S Attorney's office
assured Official this would be done before the time set in the Judge's
order to deliver the documents. When documents were handed over official
restated the importance of the documents being sealed. When the
documents were handed in (to a female U S Attorney?) Official
"understood" that at that time an order to seal the documents would be
in place. Then Official traveled back to Kingsville. That same day
Official was informed (by an FBI informant in San Antonio)that the
documents had been turned over to a reporter in Corpus Christi; who had
contacted the informant in San Antonio inquiring as to the truth of the
documents. It seems as though the recusal of certain persons with the U
S Attorney's Office that the motion to seal the documents was never
carried out. A Media Frenzy ensued.
Who recused and thus dropped the ball where John Hubert's Sister is an
assistant U S Attorney. Would she recuse do to the involvement of her
brother or her husband who is in charge of forfeitures and seizures for
the 105th? Why did John Hubert not take Granato & Crocker to the Grand
Jury. There is much more to this story Kingsville! All the above are
Allegations asserted in pending litigation. There are documents that can
back this up. The Key element in my opinion is that the documents were
not sealed on purpose by a technicality used as an excuse! It was a slap
in the face by the U S Attorney's Office. It also implicitly undermines
the City of Kingsville and makes it as though John Hubert has
effectively opened the door for his brother in law to move into
Kingsville & start using the tools availed to his advantage.
Subsequently, I have noticed his involvement in a number of highly
coincidental large busts with cash & vehicles!

At 10:16 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

Kingsville Economic Development is where there is a connection
4/22/2005 2:13 AM

Kingsville Economic Development is where there is a connection
Originally Posted on October 7, 2004 at 11:57:54 PM by Jaime

Marc Cisneros is one of the common denominators. Current CFO of the John
G & Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation. Donated Land for Kingsville
Economic Development plan. But before he was CFO of KFATSO he was part
of the Kingsville Economic Development as President of TAMUK. He sat on
both sides and in fact played himself a game of chess with regard to the
Brokered deal. He was also a highly ranked General specializing in
covert operations. He also Brokered deals with the King Ranch who when
it boils down to it is Jack Hunt (whos involved in the Kingsville
economic Development Group), Ray Lee Hunt and Exxon (who's CEO is Lee
Raymond. Exxon is common between KFATSO & King Ranch as is Hunt oil (who
Ray Lee Hunt is CEO). The Black Helicopters came into town and Two
specific buildings were damaged. One of them was the old Exxon Building.
What role did Marc Cisneros play? Kenedy Foundation And Trust Soon
Obsolete (KFATSO) has many of the same operatives as does the King
Ranch. Two attorneys John Matthew Sjoberg & Shannon Ratliff. Ratliff's
Father is the Former Lt. Gov. of Texas. Her Family are very powerful
people in Austin. They share Law Firms like Crofts & Callaway and Mike
Hatchell (Super Lawyer). This is Exxon, the Hunts, & the Ex-Military
federal element behind the good ole King Ranch name & its Running W
Brand. There was a social study done on Kingsville prior to the demise
of it's leaders. The WIA funded study moved in through Hector Hinojosa
in the TANF work program. Who was his Liason? Texas Workforce? DHS? The
Grants for the Dare program as well as the constables Affiliated with
Romeo Lomas and the recycling program / community service division stem
from the seemingly benign Welfare Investment Act. This created the
private sector relationship with the public sector. Now we get the
businesses recieving public money as incentive to develop welfare
recipients. But it has been exploited.

At 10:41 PM, Jaime Kenedeño said...

Cisneros: I am watching!
4/22/2005 2:03 AM


King Ranch is only a name for a clandestine Elite group. Richard King was the King Ranch and then Henrietta. After that was an influx of Nazi war criminals secreted into America by way of South America; The Cleberg name becomes synonymous with the King Ranch. Cleberg or Kleberg? Either way it is a German sir name. Was the original Kleberg a Nazi? What was the grand plan for the King Ranch or was it for all of South Texas? Did the name Clement have anything to do with the Vatican or a Pope? History has portrayed the Scions of South Texas Ranching as honest heroes. How much farther from the truth could this history stray? This history is nothing more than a glorified folk tale! Richard King knew not loyalty to anyone. Not even his partners or his mentor Mifflin Kenedy. Mifflin was smart enough to veer from King after noticing King’s partners would always suffer some misfortunate accident. King acquired his land by many methods including breach of contract, trickery, harassment and Murder. Murder was the most effective method. This is where the Texas Rangers enter stage right. The Rangers were King’s personal enforcers. Led by Major Armstrong these ruthless huge “corn fed” Anglo “lawmen” pillaged, raped & murdered in the name of the State Of Texas. Since then, the Armstrong family not only acquired their own little acreage with a Polo field; they gained “invisible” control of the King Ranch and ascended to high positions of power within our Government. The Armstrong family is closely connected to the Bilderbergers Power Elite. Anne Armstrong is on the powerful elitist National Foreign Relations Committee and sits on the A&M Board of Regents (College Station) along with Guadalupe Rangel. The King Ranch over the years has harbored a craving for the Kenedy land or at least to waste it and use it for their own benefit. Some how, the Armstrong invisibly controls the King Ranch who influences the KFATSO to do the dirty work using Kenedy Land. Let us see if we can connect the dots? JFK was assassinated in Dallas. Oswald was blamed but many shots were fired as evidenced by the many nicks in the curb and vehicle; many bullets were fired and only three shots were heard. Hum? Silencers! History reveals to us that Francis Cardinal Spellman ordered the hit on JFK! Who is Spellman? In New York, the Vatican Intelligence 'special division' is directed by Cardinal Spellman. Cardinal Spellman is directly connected to J Peter Grace and Cardinal Bernard Law (Boston Diocese Pedophile). Why would Spellman want Kennedy dead? The King Ranch owned the Ranch in Mexico where the Campfire Boys trained as sharpshooters. Oswald as well as the whole team of assassins that killed JFK trained there. Now the King Ranch owned land in Cuba that was taken away when Castro ascended to power. Not only this; they are the force behind LBJ’s ascension to the Oval office. At this time before JFK was murdered; Sarita Kenedy East had recently passed and KFATSO would have welcomed a “strong arm” as an advantage. The King Ranch Super-lawyers and political influence were furnished to KFATSO at that time to battle the high & mighty J Peter Grace for control. KFATSO & King Ranch still share the Super lawyers and the influence as they are one except the Kenedy land is always the bait; never King Ranch land or Armstrong land. By the King Ranch lending a “strong arm” to KFATSO a reciprocity had to of occurred. Did Spellman provide the favor? Directly or indirectly, Spellman ordered the hit and in doing so favored the King Ranch? Why would the King Ranch off JFK? First, LBJ was their man and he was so close to the Oval office they could smell it. JFK did not align with the Good ole Boy system that already had plans to overthrow Castro after his changes affected corporate America. Sugar Cane prices went up & several Corporate Ranches were given back to the Cubans. JFK’s refusal to go ahead with the planned invasion did not stop the invasion but many CIA Agents were killed or captured in the Invasion we know as the Bay of Pigs. To Nixon the “Bay of Pigs” is code for the JFK assassination. Water Gate tapes are sealed, as they will reveal the truth? King Ranch & Armstrong are well associated with the CIA as well as Area 51. Friends of the Armstrongs, Bushs, Hunts and Grace were killed because of JFK (as they seen it). Now they are leveraging our Government for favors here in South Texas. It seems as though Marc Cisneros has been dispatched here to deal with the demands. We can see TAMUK has already been absorbed by the King Ranch, as has the entire A&M system? General Cisneros has served up Kenedy land on a platter to bring fruition to promises made a long time ago. Other Federal agencies are exploiting (the vulnerability) the King Ranch blackmail has created? There is a Hubert Boothe Federal power play. The Sam Granato Federal element might be double edged with Cisneros and the Ed Byrne grant out of the WIA and the interaction with Kingsville Naval Air Station as well as his activities with the FBI & DEA. Then we have the Black Helicopters that have been identified as FBI copters. These helicopters are associated with some sort of laser satellite communications systems in underground bunkers. Then we have Suson and the DoD in collaboration with the Betterment hate. The Bettermen are nothing more than noise makers and agitators with a Nazi stench. These guys will not even get invited to the King Ranch for any occasion. Bettermen haters are viewed by the elite as trailer trash and genetically weak (of a “lesser breed of stock”. The Elite will never accept these Nazi haters into their circles. In theory, the King Ranch must possess a operative or puppet in KPD, Kleberg County Sheriffs Department, Commissioners Court, TAMUK, and various other strategical positions. These puppets are the tattle tales when adverse situations to the King Ranch interest arise. King Ranch is Armstrong, Hunt & Exxon but, are they aligned for the long term or short term? Stewart Armstrong is (financially) behind the division of Kingsville and yes; he is connected with the Armstrongs in Kenedy County. Finally, I will refer to the various agencies vying for Grant money control. Whoever wins elected offices will (each) get to control the grant monies. This is why the politics are so dirty & crass. The Love of Avarice and the addiction to power is the reason so much hate is spewed out on the Candidates and their family members. TAMUK is the King Ranch’s research & development supported by huge injections of grant money in the name of Higher Education. The Ed Byrne Grant is the interdiction law enforcement with a military liaison and intelligence. This is being abused on our local citizens to settle personal vendettas of ones in charge. It was legislated for interdiction of terrorists, bombs weapons & threats to National Security but it is primarily used in South Texas to intercept drugs, Marijuana and cash; Cash and vehicles feed the “Town Bosses” addiction to the Power & Avarice. Who are the Puppets? Get rid of them! Cisneros I am watching! Tobin, your blood is still the same old blood that murdered, raped & pillaged South Texas. For this your land will be returned to it’s rightful possessors.

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Why would escobar want a new district court?
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Gene Seaman & Vilma Luna
The Caller Times 'up is down' edition, gives credit to Gene Seaman and Vilma Luna for trying to secure funding for the Rangel pharmacy school. What the Caller Times fails to mention is that Gene Seanman is a Republican idiot which makes ...
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baron and budd

Tue June 13, 3:52 pm - National Legal News

A $13.5 million verdict has been found against Georgia-Pacific Corp. for the family of a Texas man who died from mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure as a child.

View Full Article
Dallas law firm Baron & Bud P.C. argued that Timothy Shawn Bostic was exposed to asbestos fibers in the 1960s and 1970s while working with his father. It was then that Bostic was frequently exposed to asbestos-containing joint compound made by the Atlanta based tissue products company. The Bostic family’s lawyers said Georgia-Pacific knew the dangers of asbestos as early as 1966 but continued to sell asbestos containing products through 1977.

In 2003, Bostic was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer affecting the inner lining of the lungs and abdomen. Mesothelioma is only known to be caused by exposure to asbestos. Bostic died in September 2003 at the age of 41.

Georgia-Pacific claims the true cause of Bostic’s illness is exposure to asbestos from products made by other companies.

The family was awarded $6 million in punitive damages and $7.5 million in compensatory damages.

Nueces County Aristocrat Society: This Nueces County Jail issue is a counter balance in the ongoing tactical maneuvers

Nueces County Aristocrat Society: This Nueces County Jail issue is a counter balance in the ongoing tactical maneuvers

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ranch museum tells epic tale of pioneering Kenedy family

Ranch museum tells epic tale of pioneering Kenedy family
by John Goodspeed
SARITA - This lonely Brush Country berg on U.S. 77 holds the short end of the stick in
a state where prestige rides shotgun with bragging rights.
The population is somewhere between 150 and 200, depending on to whom you talk
and the time of day. Sarita's retail district resides in an alcove just inside the front door
of the Kenedy County Courthouse: a Coke machine that burps out soda at 55 cents a pop.
That's it - no gas station, no ice house, no Blizzard from small-town Texas' ubiquitous
Dairy Queen. "The only time we have a traffic jam is when my black Lab takes a nap
in the street," says Patti Fain, justice of the peace and innkeeper of the Great Kiskadee
Guest House.
But a new venture may give Sarita something to brag about for generations to come.
The Kenedy Ranch Museum of South Texas, which celebrates its grand opening
Saturday, will put faces on one of the state's most influential pioneering families, inter-
twining its story with the region's economic and cultural development and two and a
half centuries of ranching.
Created to preserve the little-known Kenedy legacy, the museum will underscore what
few outside the area know: That without Mifflin Kenedy, there would be no King Ranch.
That Kenedy pioneered steamboat trade along the Rio Grande, and that he and King
amassed a fortune during the Civil War selling and shipping Confederate cotton around
the world, bringing back arms and ammunition while running a Union blockade.
The first to fence a large ranch west of the Mississippi, Kenedy perceived railroads as
iron rivers promoting trade and was instrumental in linking the major cities of South
and Central Texas. Kenedy and his family also shared their wealth, donating vast sums
to build hospitals and churches and to fund Catholic charities across South Texas.
"One of our goals is to get people to know what the Kenedy Ranch is all about," says
Clayton Wolter, who manages the ranch for the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy
Memorial Foundation. "We help a lot of people in South Texas with the money we gen-
erate from the ranch, from the oil and gas. We've given away about $175 million
throughout South Texas." The foundation - established in the will of Sarita Kenedy East,
the town's namesake and daughter of John and Marie Kenedy - owns and oversees about
235,000 of the Kenedy Ranch's 450,000 acres.
To tell the epic saga, the foundation is using the former headquarters of the Kenedy
Pasture Co., a two-story, 1927 Spanish Revival building across from the courthouse. "We
thought about having kiosks and high-tech equipment for a flashy museum, but that
would have taken away from what we are trying to portray," Wolter says. "You don't walk
into Sarita for a virtual reality tour. It's about as low-key and down-home as you can get."
Museum planner and designer Steve Harding of Houston, who worked on the Capitol
Visitors Center in Austin and the Nolan Ryan Center in Alvin, researched the history of
South Texas and the Kenedy family through books, King Ranch archives, museums and
old-timers. He discovered a story of adventure and intrigue, of murder, bandits, war,
cattle rustlers and Texas Ranger rights and wrongs, of friction and affection between
Anglos and Mexicans.
With few artifacts at his disposal, Harding used murals by noted Mexican artist Daniel
Lechon, life-size figures by sculptor Kim Crowley and a hand-held audio guide system.
The result is a museum unlike anything in South Texas and a pioneering effort for such
small facilities.
"It's a small building, but it's jam-packed with story," Harding says. "Traditionally a small
museum (Kenedy's is 1,800 square feet) will spring up and have a good story to tell, but
they empty out grandma's closet and you get all this old stuff spread around without a
well-told story. What we're doing here is pulling together the story of South Texas that
hasn't been told before, and the story of the Kenedy family, while hitting the racial divide
between the eyes and celebrating a small town in Texas that has a rich heritage."
The museum has three rooms, each dominated by roughly 10-by-30-foot murals depict-
ing scenes of ranching, revolution and daily life. The first room covers the birth of South
Texas through war and violence up until the coming of the railroads in the late 1800s.
The second room details the economic and social development of the region.
The third delves into the faith of three generations of Kenedy women, and their devotion
to the Catholic Church.
It begins with Mifflin Kenedy, a Pennsylvania Quaker who became a steamboat captain
in Florida and came to Texas in 1847 to run a steamboat on the Rio Grande for the U.S.
Army during the Mexican War.
He wrote a letter to his friend Richard King, inviting him to Texas.
"What was a friendship in Florida becomes a partnership in Texas, and they became part-
ners in the Santa Gertrudis Ranch, which is the King Ranch of today," Harding says. "They
made tremendous amounts of money in the steamboat business after the Mexican War."
They also cashed in on the Civil War, ferrying Confederate cotton under Mexican-flagged
boats in front of the Union blockade - and selling some of it to the North after a brief
stop in Mexico.
Kenedy married Petra Vela de Vidal, widow of an officer in Santa Anna's army with eight
children. They then had six of their own.
Kenedy sold his interest in the Santa Gertrudis and bought and sold other ranches, even-
tually amassing some 450,000 acres today known as the Kenedy Ranch. "His family was
raised speaking the language of the ranch, which was Spanish, in contrast to King's fam-
ily," Harding says.
There were other contrasts between Kenedy, a quiet but determined Quaker, and King, a
large, boisterous man. While Kenedy worked quietly behind the scenes, the King Ranch
became the stuff of legends through self-promotion and, later, commissioned books and
skilled marketing. Today there's even a Ford truck model named for the ranch.
Many say nurturing a grandiose legacy was not the Kenedy way, although the family had
more than its share of triumphs and tragedies.
Mifflin and Petra Kenedy's oldest son, Thomas, was killed in Brownsville by an assassin
hired by the husband of a woman seeking a divorce. A stepson, Adrian Vidal, fought
for both sides in the Civil War, had a distaste for military life and quit to become a bor-
der bandit. Vidal later fought with the Juaristas during the French invasion of Mexico,
Continued on page 6
Page 6
Page 6
was captured by the Imperialists and executed, even though Kenedy tried to get him off.
Another son was trying to shoot someone when he accidentally killed a woman in Dodge
City, Kan. He was chased down, shot and captured by Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. He
eventually was acquitted.
The Kenedy saga continues through the railroads, the taming of South Texas, the discov-
ery of oil and gas and the modern era.
Sarita Kenedy East and her brother, John Gregory Kenedy Jr., were the last direct descen-
dents of Mifflin Kenedy, and both died without children. John Kenedy Jr.'s widow, Elena
Suess Kenedy, established the John G. Kenedy Jr. Charitable Trust, which, upon her death
in 1984, reunited both halves of the ranch. Later, Sarita 's will established the foundation.
"We're thrilled with the museum. It's a marvelous idea to preserve and teach something
of the history of this place and its people," says Oblate Father Francis Kelly Nemeck, a
member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, which received the 20,000-
square-foot Big House and 1,100 acres at the old ranch headquarters in Sarita 's will.
The Oblates have ties to the Catholic missionaries known as the Cavalry of Christ, who
traveled on horseback across South Texas and Mexico in the mid- to late 1800s.
Today people from a variety of faiths and from across the United States take a vow of
silence when they visit the Big House, now the Lebh Shomea House of Prayer, during
spiritual quests.
Nemeck is glad the museum is preserving the Kenedy family history. The museum
"imparts a consciousness, letting people know that there is humanitarian help improv-
ing the lives of people of God throughout South Texas, and especially the little people of
God. "Sarita used that phrase, 'the little people of God,' ... those among us who are not
as fortunate ... but who may in their own way have a great deal of spiritual wealth."
The museum highlights the three generations of Kenedy women - Petra Vela Kenedy; her
daughter-in-law, Marie Stella Kenedy; and her granddaughter, Sarita Kenedy East.
"Each brought a particular perspective of their way of living Catholicism," Nemeck says.
"Petra Vela brought the Mexican perspective. Marie Stella, who was from New Orleans,
brought the French-Louisiana perspective. And Sarita brought the Texas, or the Tejana,
"And each of those perspectives is brought forth in the exhibits of the museum - and it
also reflects the boiling pot of cultures in Texas."
For Roy Cantu, the job of museum coordinator, running the day-to-day operations, is a
homecoming. He grew up just south of Sarita , where his grandparents lived. One of
his grandfathers was a foreman on the ranch, the other helped build the Big House. His
great-grandparents worked on the ranch, too.
"I didn't spend a lot of time with my grandparents. So now that they're dead and gone I
wanted to come see what I might have missed," Cantu says. "That's what's appealing to
me about working here. I knew a lot of the old cowboys (called Kenedenos) here
through my grandfather, and some are still here."
One is Amado Villarreal Mayorga, at 89 one of the oldest and the only old-timer born in
Sarita. His father introduced him to John Kenedy Jr. when he was a boy, and Kenedy
gave him a saddle.
The vaqueros, or cowboys, began working young, following in their father's footsteps to
learn the cowboy tradition. "We were on horses and ready to go at 4 a.m., and some-
times worked so late we were eating supper at midnight," Villarreal said in Spanish.
Their pay was $1 a day, with the ranch supplying housing, food and almost everything
they needed. "The vaqueros today don't work hard anymore," Villarreal says. "They're
home at noon."
"Part of our story is the celebration of small-town Texas," museum designer Harding
says. "A lot of people who knew and worked with the family have passed on," adds
ranch manager Wolter. "If we didn't gather this information now and put it into a story,
we'd lose it forever."
GM Trucks For Texas
Alamo City Edition of the 2005 Truck for Texas
This year’s truck, a 2005 Chevy Silverado crew cab,
has been transformed into a work of art by San
Antonio students.
Look for this truck at San Antonio Chevy dealer-
ships and other venues over the next six months.
This truck will be donated to The Nature
Conservancy of Texas for the Southern Edwards
Plateau Project.
Over the past 11 years, GM has donated 175 vehicles and more
than $19 million cash to The Nature Conservancy.
Continued from page 5

Elena S. Kenedy, 95, Is Dead; Widow of Heir to King Ranch??? New York City??

Elena S. Kenedy, 95, Is Dead; Widow of Heir to King Ranch

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Article Tools Sponsored By
Published: March 6, 1984

Elena Suess Kenedy, a member of the family that established the King Ranch, died at the ranch Friday. She was 95 years old.

Mrs. Kenedy, who contributed millions of dollars to Texas charities, was buried in a family plot near her home on La Parra Ranch, a section of the orginal 800,000-acre King Ranch.

Elena Suess was born Feb. 7, 1889, in Saltillo, Mexico. She attended Our Lady of the Lake College in San Antonio and in 1942 married John T. Kenedy Jr., grandson of the King Ranch founder, Capt. Mifflin Kenedy. Her husband died in 1948.

Mrs. Kenedy was a member of the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation, established by her sister-in-law, Sarita Kenedy East, who died in 1960, leaving 200,000 acres of the ranch to the foundation and another 200,000 to Mrs. Kenedy.

Mrs. Kenedy is survived by four brothers: Edward M. Suess of Saltillo, Mexico; Richard E. Suess of Tijuana, Mexico, and Paul A. Suess and Albert G. Suess of San Antonio.

Cul De Sac Politics: South Texas Chisme: Dangerous chisme?

Cul De Sac Politics: South Texas Chisme: We got it, they want it and everybody knows it

Thursday, June 22, 2006

WATT a CROCK of CCCT / 6 News Media Propaganda

Claim to Kenedy gifts denied

By Israel Saenz/Caller-Times
June 22, 2006

A family’s claim to Kenedy Foundation holdings totaling $750,000 annually hit a roadblock Thursday, ending a local battle that has relied on disputed DNA evidence to link John G. Kenedy to the Fernandez family.

District Judge J. Manuel Banales denied Ann Fernandez’s claim to set aside gifts to the John G. Kenedy Foundation in a summary judgment and issued a permanent, anti-suit injunction in the 105th District Court.

Together the motions reject Fernandez’s suit, filed on her behalf by her son Dr. Ray Fernandez, to set aside gifts based on assertions of a family link between the Kenedy and Fernandez families. Ray Fernandez claims Kenedy is his biological grandfather.

Kenedy Foundation attorney Jorge Rangel said annual interest from the gifts amounts to $750,000 a year.

Fernandez attorney Marcos G. Ronquillo said the family plans to appeal to the 13th Court of Appeals within the next 30 days. The Fernandez family is waiting for the Texas Supreme Court to issue a ruling on the exhumation of Kenedy’s body for DNA testing.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Armstrong Ranch: A 20-gauge shotgun worth $2,073 that Katharine Armstrong and 10 other friends gave to Karl Rove

Armstrong Ranch: A 20-gauge shotgun worth $2,073 that Katharine Armstrong and 10 other friends gave to Karl Rove

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: Joe Fulton and all his cronies contributed monetarily to the holier than thou Chris Adler campaign

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: Joe Fulton and all his cronies contributed monetarily to the holier than thou Chris Adler campaign

We bring the public opinion factor into the equation.

nik: "I noticed from your email that you're up writing this CR_P all hours of the night.

If I was defending "your side" you wouldnt need to discredit yourself with weak and unfounded rhetoric.

Although this form of problem solving is a tertiary option, it is by far the most efficient BROADCAST MEDIUM available. As KENEDENO ADVOCATES we advocate for Equal & Fair. We bring the public opinion factor into the equation. As always this excludes any negative resultant due to the value raised exponentially to the infinity power SKWARED.......... furthermore with absolute value bars to boot.

nik: "Apparently, you must not have a life, so you're trying to ruin someone else's."

Ruin lives?

So when the executive organization of Del Mar College act in obtusion to the rules & policies and these actions ruin the lives of DMC students & employees'is it injustice to critique the operatives responsible?

The conspiring parties will be divided and conquered. They all got dirt on each other and who will take the rap?

If you are dirty?

If you have made mistakes?

We will recieve all who privately step forward in discretion.

To continue, is to experience "no quarter" submission.

Don't make the mistake of underestimating us little people for we are very resourceful and very efficient.

As for the best board of regents, I would have to say back in the days when Dr Barth & Mr & Mrs Edgar Cortez were there now that is the BEST OF THE BEST!


Are you that illiterate?

How many Regents would support a Transparent Executive Committee Operation

IMO Transparency is the best friend of the Board of Regents and DMC.

Now make a formidable rebuttal this time without the Ad Hominem filler.

If you can?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006













3:45 AM

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: "We have intelligent people that know the right words to say to get attention," he said of those who have co

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: "We have intelligent people that know the right words to say to get attention," he said of those who have complained.

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: Adriana will you please look into the selective release / demotions at Del Mar? Isn't the fat better cut at

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: Adriana will you please look into the selective release / demotions at Del Mar? Isn't the fat better cut at the Executive Level?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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