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Johnny & little girl AND Sarita Kenedy East

KenedyRanch Battle

Re(1): Roger, Please be informed that Jaime is not Esteban & so on & so forth
Posted on October 21, 2005 at 11:44:03 AM by marie

My husband Ray told you to take off this message board off a long time ago.and you did. Why you would put it back up, if we asked for it to be discontinued. We are not apart of this message board and will not be held responsible for you and jaime sick pranks. All you and jaime (Scott)want is to use it under our family name to get attention. This is another request to remove this board that's only been used to try and extort money from me or my family. jaime already admitted to working with you and for you not to worry everything can be proved.

Re(2): Roger, Please be informed that Jaime is not Esteban & so on & so forth
Posted on October 24, 2005 at 03:52:18 AM by dannoynted1


Marie (or whomever you may be), please be admonished
Posted on October 22, 2005 at 04:12:45 AM by Webmaster

My Dear Marie (if this posting was inf act posted by you):
If you are indeed Marie (Fernandez), wife of Dr. Ray Fernandez, please be admonished about some of the mutual agreements of our joint venture -- that is, I myself, Dr. Ray Fernandez, and yourself.
This "public" board is not the appropirate place for us to be conducting business. I have always treated you and the rest of the Fernandez family members with the outmost respect: I personally take offense in being implicated in a crime (i.e., extortion). The aforementioned was uncalled for and was clear-ly "slanderous" and "libelous." Totally unnecessary.
I have received calls and communications from throughout the state and the nation in regards to your allegations -- from national civil rights leaders to our business associates. My standing and business apparatus in society/the community have overtly been hurt.
The intitial joint venture cannot be abberated from "just like that." This board cannot be shut down "just like that" because your son decides to send me a "dictate" (which is so unbusiness-like) or because you have a sudden "conflict" with the ongoing process of this website ... these things can be worked out in a proper business setting if guided by proper decorum. The latter was drilled into all of us.
To make the matter perfectly clear: to cite my personal notes in regards to this matter and the duty log that is meticulously kept and the scribbled instuctions and/or comments that have come from your husband during the duration of this business arrangement the following has to be said. You never took much interests in this board until now, yesterday -- Friday, October 21: which is fine, "Better late than never" (when it comes to input. But be admonished that any marketing expert with "half a mind" would advice you that any disruption in the consistency of the challenging media cause will engender "doubt" and "distrust" in many of its following.
Now to answer your request. Your husband, after a lengthy dialogue with me after you took a trip to Florida sometime past, agreed (and reconfirmed) that the message board should be shut down for a few weeks and then opened back up again. I have followed such instuctions (which were a two-way "street" discussion) to the letter and spirit of it.
Disagreements seem to be a part of all business relationships, but in the end sober minds always seem to find ways of surmounting them. We have been weathered by this long battle but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I would never "sellout" the Fernandez cause nor abberate from the honorable joint venture that took place between us dignified people.
This matter (if you perceive it as a conflict) can be resolved quickly and effectively via placing one telephone call to me directly. Please have your husband Dr. Ray Fernandez call me either at my business number (361) 387-6216 or home at (361) 767-6164 at his convinience. If he has in fact changed his mind about reopening the board to the public. He needs to let me know.
If I do not hear from him in the next two days, I am obligated to keep the present arrangement in place.
Again, and as always, I am willing to work with you and your husband to clear this matter and any other that surfaces in the future. As long as we are alive there are solutions to most problems. Let us keep it professional and respectful.
a companion in this cause,
Homero Roel Villarreal Sr.

My Dear Mrs. Marie Fernandez:
Posted on October 24, 2005 at 01:44:17 AM by webamster

My Dear Ms. Fernandez:
I have awaited patiently for the last two days. I have invested too much of my money and my time to abandon this cause at the present. I have been reasonable and tried to meet your halfway.
Your husband, Dr. Ray Fernandez in the last two days (which was ample time for him to respond to me via phone or email or this board confirming you stance) has not protested to the present "joint venture" business arrangment nor to the matter of this board having been reactivated a few months ago. The board shall continue to be open to the public. The advertisments promoting this website shall continue to run in El Defenzor newspaper promoting this website as well as the advertisments for "Finder's Fee" advertisment.
As far as I am concerned this issue is closed, and the mutual venture should continue as it has consistently. If you or your husband have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at my business at (361) 387-6216 or my home number at (361) 767-6164 any time of day or night. I will be on call 24 hours if necessary -- if not, my answering machine will (and I shall return the call promtly).
Again, I advice that disagreements are part of any joint venture but sober minds always seem to find a way to surmount them.
A Mutual Partner In This
Honorable Cause

-- Homero Roel Villarreal Sr.

I represent the position of the South Texas Cause!
Posted on October 21, 2005 at 05:17:59 AM by Jaime

The committments & promises made by the Fernandez' on this website to Myself, My wife, South Texas, all readers of this website, all readers of El Defenzor and the Webmaster of

This is what I represent! I am Independent as I have always been Independent (although initially working under an agreement with El Defenzor & Fernandez was feasible until our paths diverged)! I conduct myself and my positions under nobody's thumb!

I agree with the webmaster -- transparency is necessary to maintian integrity
Posted on October 22, 2005 at 11:38:14 PM by Frank Cortez

What is the use of winning a lawsuit and loosing your intetrity.
To move to another website is silly. I have been monitoring this website from the beginning. I don't see eye to eye with anyone. My own family is involved in a similar lawsuit.
How much distrust Ms. Fernandez has for the webmaster and all the posters. There is a conspiracy here???? crap. Just people voicing opinions. We don't live in a Third World Dictatorship.
I can't believe the amount of traffic this website has. It took a long time to built to this level. It will take a long time to do it again, if it works the next time. Seems like divisions are surfacing day by day.
Stop it.

Fernandez Media Represenative H Villareal tells Marie & Pepe to say CHEESE!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


KING FERNANDEZ:R U committed to the agreements U made w/ El Defenzor? IS THERE ANY HONOR IN UR SOUL?
Posted on September 14, 2005 at 04:49:14 AM by Jaime

Posted on September 14, 2005 at 04:41:44 AM by Jaime

Read it in such a fashion?

Austin can only absorb so much content in 25 days!

I will make an impact!

The Supreme Court Environment and it's watchdogs will be scrutinizing the moves of all three sides! Maybe more than that! KISS we have the Fernandez Team, the BENCH, and KFATSO (which is polymorphic)To Map the Make up of KFATSO we must first realize there are several variants (alleles) of a particular gene that occur simultaneously! I have mapped the proverbial DNA of KFATSO and know enough to know there is much, much more! Mike Hatchell in response to the Fernandez E Brief you are absolutely correct. But you will not prevail as the Fernandez will compromise as well. This is much bigger than say the 100 -200 involved directly in the Litigation! The Atorney General needs to stand up for South Texas! But since he chooses to silently support KFATSO I will Advocate for The Wild Horse Desert AKA Desierto de los Muertos! Desierto de los muertos? How fitting? We have Public Policy: ‘the right to have a dead body remain unmolested is not an absolute one. We have a Doctor of the Dead petitioning to dig up the Dead. We also have the Wife of the Doctor of the Dead dreaming one will be dead and to quote her, "If she dreams you are going to die then you are going to Die"! I am about LIFE. I am about envigorating and inspiring a greater access to Knowledge, Wisdom,& Integrity without an Elite controlling and profiting off of us! Let us begin to Polish ourselves as we are all Diamonds in the Rough! Not only are we the Hardest element known to man but we possess a quality (in each and every one of us) of rareness only to be fathomed and feared! The Fernandez' have promised to make things happen when and if they are enabled. The enabling comes from our Public Opinion and how loud we turn the volume up! Also if we are in support or did the Fernandez' already renig? Ray Fernandez will you honor your commitments? In a pact or Contract with South Texas? All you need to do is put it in writing. Ray Fernandez, your response we in South Texas await! There should be no discussion of money; only committments previously promised! Not Money! Are you Committed to South Texas? Put in writing! Are you committed to the agreements you made with Defenzor? Put it in writing! If you choose to thumb your nose at me that is your choice but to thumb your nose at South Texas?

I will not let you get away with it!

I gave South Texas my word!
The Fernandez Cause I worked and Advocated for; was intended for the good of us all!