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Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez

Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:40pm Oct 10, 2005 Central
Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez
Democrats are not behind Shamsie! There is only certain clique of Democrats who want to “Strong Arm” Shamsie back into the Nueces Constitutional County Court! This “clique” (or group of “Cronies”) I will refer to as the “Shamsie Clique” or “Shamsie Cronies”. It is my understanding, Shamsie’s support stems from the Office of Congressman Solomon Ortiz and certain other witnesses to the “Capelo Deal”. Attorney Shamsie (along with George Finley {Nueces County Hospital District}) witnessed the transaction between Attorney & State Representative Jaime Capelo and Attorney Rene Rodriguez.. Capelo represented Citgo at the time and Rodriguez was in dispute with Corpus Christi Police Officers Association! (Laredo National Bank VP) Roland Guerra had to break the bad news to Capelo and then he was thrown to the dogs! Why was Shamsie never deposed? Why not Finley (deposed)? Tony “The Two Fer” was mad at Rodriguez and Capelo! What about Hugo Berlanga grooming Capelo for the JOB? I seem to remember some kind of criminal charges filed on Hugo Berlanga and his backroom politics! Now Capelo and Berlanga are both better off! They are both successful lobbyists in Austin! Then we go to the Medical Legislation! Who was it good for? Was “The Two Fer” Pro or Con with the proposition authored by Joe Nixon? The Doctor’s Malpractice insurance increased! Who made out on this deal?
Now back to the “Shamsie Cronies” it is rumored and warnings have been issued! The media is being “Strong Armed” financially! Elite and Power Brokers (Powercrats) within the Democratic Party are frowning on the media who promote any other option for the Democratic primary and certainly to support an independent will bring the wrath of both Parties! They are in essence saying, “we are going to use our Incumbent resources to discourage (SQUEEZE) clients from working with your business’ if you (the Media) speak negatively of Shamsie! Even if it is
Tejano2K - 02:50pm Oct 11, 2005 Central (#1 of 10)
As we know;There's always two sides to every story,hope somebody will tell it because anyone can write just about anything about anybody.Sould we be rooting for 'Shamsie'?
GRusling - 08:16am Oct 22, 2005 Central (#2 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
This is all political doubletalk. It appears meaningless because it is...
Jaime Kenedeno - 06:17pm Oct 22, 2005 Central (#3 of 10)
GR: "This is all political doubletalk. It appears meaningless because it is..."
Explain? Verify your statement Please?
GRusling - 10:49pm Oct 23, 2005 Central (#4 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
Politicians are all crooks, endit.
The "pot" is calling the "kettle" BLACK again!
All concerned are up to their eyeballs in gutter-slime...
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:52pm Oct 23, 2005 Central (#5 of 10)
GR: I agree with you. Do you have any suggestions for a Candidate with integrity for Nueces County Judge. Suggestions for a nomination?
GRusling - 06:40am Oct 24, 2005 Central (#6 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
I don't live in Nueces County, thankfully...
Jaime Kenedeno - 07:04am Oct 24, 2005 Central (#7 of 10)
Then Theoretically speaking. Who do you beleive to be the man or woman for the JOB?
GRusling - 08:30am Oct 26, 2005 Central (#8 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
I have no idea. Nueces County politics are a peripheral issue for me. I rarely comment except when it's "pure" politics with little or no substance...
John DeLaGarza - 07:06pm Nov 17, 2005 Central (#9 of 10)
I dont know much about the Democrat Party locally or otherwise or the Republican Party for that matter, but I definately do not like Shamsie. IMO there is definately something Shady about him.
There has got to be a better Democrat for the job than him, either way I'll vote against him whenever he is up for reelection.
John DeLaGarza - 09:22pm Dec 8, 2005 Central (#10 of 10)
Good news Shamsie isnt going to run for reelection.


Jaime Kenedeño said...

Darrell Keach, 33, Nueces County Record Star, General Manager

How long in current position and how long in newspapers: I’ve been actively involved in the business since 1994. I’ve grown up in the business and I’m fourth generation, starting with my great-grandfather who owned the Floresville Chronicle Journal and later bought The Record Star in 1926. Since then my grandfather Carroll Keach was publisher and my father Sam Fore Keach is the current publisher.

Why did you get into newspapering: I didn’t seem to have much choice I guess, being fourth generation.

What is your most rewarding part of the business: Helping a new or existing business and the community we serve succeed, while at the same time making our own business succeed.

What is the worst part of running a newspaper: Failing to succeed.

What are your goals for the future: Continue to grow our circulation and reach without sacrificing quality.


Jaime Kenedeño said...

Sam Keach, a Robstown historian whose family has owned the Record Star newspaper there since 1925, wrote a column in August describing chatter about fast-action, high-stakes poker around the clock in the 1940s at a dance hall/watering hole named Rob's Place in Robstown.

He was not able to document Texas Hold 'Em having its beginnings there, but the column conjured a response from Gigi Starnes, 63, born in Falfurrias, now living in San Antonio. Her father was an occasional gambler who owned Clancy's Cafe in Falfurrias, a popular restaurant with area gamblers.

Starnes' response to Keach's column: "I well remember whisperings of those high stakes card games. There was a gambler called Buttermilk (because that's all he would drink while playing) who once gave me a $10 bill, which he said he'd won playing Held 'em in Rob's. I must have been around 5 or 6, and remember wondering who Rob was, now I think it must have been Robstown."

Historical raids in Corpus Christi at places such as the famed Dragon Grill verify the existence of gambling for decades. Linn Keys (Doc) Mason, of Pennsylvania, arrived in Corpus Christi around 1926. Eight years later he opened the Dragon Grill on Corpus Christi Beach, according to Nueces County Historical Commission information.

It was a plush, swanky nightclub, a classic blending of art deco, excellent food, good music, dancing and gambling that thrived for years.

An early morning blaze destroyed the building on Jan. 15, 1944, according to Caller-Times archives. Within 18 months, a new Dragon Grill was opened at the Elks Club building, built in 1928 at the corner of Water and Starr streets.

Considerable money changed hands nightly in the third-floor Jaina Room. Entrance was achieved only by way of a special elevator. Blackjack, poker, dice games, slot machines and roulette were favorite games. A system of warning lights and buzzers were used if danger threatened from below.

In August 1953, however, one industrious policeman, Raymond Lamp'l, joined with FBI agents who had been dating women known to Mason, and all posed as customers. They watched as patrons threw down their chips, and when it was Lamp'l's turn he threw down his badge.

Charges of keeping and exhibiting a gaming table were brought against Mason and one of his employees. Though the grand jury returned a no-bill, that was the end of Mason's gambling career in Corpus Christi and the end of big-time gambling at the Dragon Grill.

Contact Mike Baird at 886-3774 _or,1641,CCCT_811_3545047,00.html

themericanprince said...

Good blog. Who is threatening who that if say anything bad about Shamsie that the media will be punished. Simply put, to heck with that. I don't need any money from any of those guys. The media is about free speech, not putting money in your pocket.

Jaime Kenedeño said...

This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Mar 13, 2009 18:08:35 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more

These search terms are highlighted: perry hubert kenedeno rove
Nueces Democrats

South Texas Democrats are not your average everyday Democrat.
Thursday, January 17, 2008
Hegemony: Power, Culture & Ideology: Danny Guerra is Congressman Solomon Ortiz's Second Staff Resignation in Two Months. Why Did Danny Resign?.

Hegemony: Power, Culture & Ideology: Danny Guerra is Congressman Solomon Ortiz's Second Staff Resignation in Two Months. Why Did Danny Resign?.

Danny Guerra is Congressman Solomon Ortiz's Second Staff Resignation in Two Months. Why Did Danny Resign?.

Congressman Ortiz Selects Denise Blanchard as Chief of Staff
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Congressman Solomon Ortiz has selected Denise Blanchard as his chief of staff.

Blanchard was formerly deputy chief of staff and district director. She was promoted to replace Fernando Gomez who resigned.

Blanchard, a Brownsville native and Ortiz' long-time Director of District Operations, has worked for Ortiz for more than 16 years. Her experience includes constituent services, district office operations, and a political understanding of South Texas. She began service with Ortiz in 1991, becoming District Director in 1995. Previously, she worked with the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, the Brownsville Economic Development Council and the Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport.

This is Ortiz's second staff resignation in two months.

Ortiz’s long-time communications director, Cathy Travis, resigned Dec. 31 to continue her writing career. Ortiz hired Dallas-native Danny Guerra, 25, to replace Travis. Guerra wrote previously for political news magazine Congressional Quarterly. According to The Brownsville Herald, he also worked previously with several Texas legislators.

And Let us Not Forget

Representative Ortiz to replace his long-time chief of staff, 'Lencho' Rendon with 'Nando' Gomez.

Ortiz, D-Corpus Christi, also announced the promotion of Denise Blanchard, director of district operations to deputy chief of staff, the post Gomez held.

Ortiz said that Gomez, “is very level-headed. He is not the type that gets angry. He always looks at the issue before he makes a decision and he always counsels with the staff.”

Ortiz said Gomez of Gregory worked in Washington, D.C., for eight years as legislative director for former U.S. Rep. Martin Frost, as Ortiz’s legislative director in 2005, followed by promotion to deputy chief of staff. Ortiz said Gomez handles military matters. Gomez also worked in Austin for the state Legislature.

and more

"These guys will be the bridge between legislation on Capitol Hill and my constituents in South Texas," Ortiz said. "They work well together and are universally respected on Capitol Hill and in South Texas. Both deeply understand and are committed to the needs of people in my congressional district."Did somebody say bridge?

Ortiz said both Gomez and Blanchard are also likely to follow in Rendon's footsteps, playing an active role in local politics.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
WHO IS MAURICIO CELIS? Mauricio possesses a clientèle niche

TLR/BACALA- A Clique Within The Republican Party, Using Mauricio Celis' Case To Influence Election


* Jaime Kenedeno's diary :: ::


Superlative piece of work my friend. Very Evocative Eloquence, a must read for Every Citizen of Nueces County. Nice to see that not only is El Defenzor back; but El Defenzor is back with a huge passion and an even Harder PUNCH.


Now That's WATT I'm Talkin 'Bout!

As far as going overboard,.....

John Hubert went way overboard with My Wife, My Corazon. There is an Election In Kleberg County and this crook is running on the Republican Ticket. Frank Alvarez is the Democratic opponent. Please help me assure that this malicious prosecutor is never elected.

PS: Hubert was appointed by Gov Rick James Perry under the advice and direction of Junior John Cornyn and KC ROVE. He was appointed as a direct strike to me and mine.

Monday, January 14, 2008

THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: (Part 1 of 3) Top Republicans Admit That Mauricio Celis is Not The Main Target But The Democratic Party {E} Defenzor Exposes Glimpses Of An Intricate Attack Plan] Corpus Christi, Texas –
Rove Expedience & A Simple Activation Mechanism:

Both top insiders and players within the Republican Party have admitted to this publication that a clique exists within its party that is doing everything possible to use Mauricio Celis' case to influence the upcoming elections. A few sources shared that Celis is not the main target but the Democratic party and its candidates are. Celis is just a target of convenience – "an expedient victim to point the finger at." "It is nothing personal," one ultra right Republican source told El Defenzor.

"He fits the bill of a good target. It will be the method by which some top people in our party will disenchant many in the general pubic with the Democrat Organization including undecided voters such as Independents." ASSERTIONS WITHOUT PROOF:
TLR Republicans

An element within the Republican Party (who hold radical opinions about the people of South Texas and its culture in general) are making the case that all candidates within Democratic Party that accepted campaign contributions from Celis are corrupt and/or dishonest and/or lacking in ethics. This propaganda is simply not true and is a veiled attempt at suppressing Hispanic votes and the Democratic parties domination. These are "assertions without proof" that some Republicans radicals, who hold such extreme views , are pushing: In a nutshell, allegedly corruption has surfaced in the Democratic Party due to the fact that is has governed for too long in South Texas. Republicans hope that this gutter politics can prevail.

WHO IS MAURICIO CELIS? Celis (born in Mexico, raised in Rockport in a low income neighborhood, who raised himself by his own "bootstraps" found a niche in legitimate businesses and the legal market and made a fortune. He also served in the U.S. Navy and was honorably discharged and is a family man with a son and a daughter who has tried to shelter from these attacks. Because of his youth (36 years of age) and his rapid rise in the business community and accumulation of wealth which he shared generously with the Democratic party he simply made a good target for the Radical Right who wish to bring back white domination and control Hispanics through fear and intimidation even from the highest powers in Texas and Washington.

Celis has been portrayed as a byproduct of a crooked and oppressive system. He has never ran for office only made contributions to candidates whom he agreed with politically and/or had a close affinity. Celis is not a felon and reportedly had a world renowned law firm give all of his business enterprises a thumbs up. Now, the stereotypical accusations that any Hispanic who has wealth is part of the underworld has been thrown at him regardless of the flimsy and untenable ground it stands on. THE FABRICATED VICTIMS: This above-mentioned hostile fringe within the Republican Party has laid out a sophisticated plan of attack to isolate Celis and many Democratic leaders by a guilt by association ploy. The Victim, according to them, are the: constituents of South Texas (especially Hispanics, in that Celis in a sense is a role model and has launched the wrong message to new generations. In the Radical Republican’s eyes he has promoted added a malignancy to the way of life of Hispanics. These radicals do not want a power base of wealthy Hispanics and have proven that they want to isolate, humiliate, and slander these figures in order to terrorize and suppress Democratic voting. The mainstream media including all the TV stations locally and the San Antonio Express-News have been accomplices in the witch hunt and execution of this plan, according to one source who is employed with the state due to his Republican political connections within the party. "Celis, in some video footage, is pictured up close to the point where the pores on his face are noticeable. He is pictured as a" Soprano-like" heavy-set and imposing thug, in a dark suit much like a gangster that usually gets out of a black sedan and with dark sunglasses." These negative stereotypes imprinted in the public’s minds are what the Radical Republicans are trying to achieve. Truth be told, shortly after Celis began to be attacked the trial lawyer who had "an exploratory committee" to run for Senate, Mikal Watts withdrew. Also, young and up and coming State Representatives and judges ran for cover because many of them accepted money from Celis. THE INTENDED TARGET – WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO PORTRAY AS VILLAINS? The intended target is not Celis per se, but the Democratic party, according to many of the sources interviewed. As one inside source put it, "He is just being portrayed as a byproduct of a corrupt and oppressive system – the Democratic Party... A byproduct of La Palanca, of the culture of George Parr and amigitos (friends)." The same insider bragged: "It has been brilliantly executed, that is, how Celis is portrayed with a shady Third World-ish attitude and value system). He is pictured as someone who has robbed us of the American dream... It is implicated that he cut line and did not play by the rules. Brilliant scheme don't you think?" Even Attorney Thomas J. Henry, who initiated the attack against Celis by exposing that he was not an attorney here "nor anywhere in the world" through Television advertisements, pointed out to ElDefenzor some very interesting observations that confirm the cited suspicions. "Mauricio Celis was doing okay. His mistake was to get involve in politics and then start to make political contributions to candidates running within the Democratic Party. I think he was trying to legitimize himself. He should have stayed sequestered in his nice office and everything would have been alright." It seems like a simplistic explanation is being executed to demonize Celis. It seems plausible when applied to him even though there is no evidence that he has connections with the underworld in Mexico or Latin America. But one Republican insider (who is consciously aware of this element of attack) who is involved in structuring campaigns explained: "The reason it seems plausible to many is because they want to believe it. Key reporters within the media have harped that just because an investigation is going on – it means something has to be horrifically wrong. Key reporters within the media have harped that just because an investigation is going on – it means something has to be horrifically wrong. The truth is that the "allegations without proof" introduced have been timed perfected; in fact right before election time. The goal has-been to polarize the masses and the poor and even the middle class against Celis. A climate has been encouraged for the media audience to have little sympathy and connection with him. Who Will The Manufactured Vindicators/Heroes and The Vehicle Of This Scheme Be? The Defenzor asked one of the sources. Who will the "Vindicators" in this well-orchestrated modern day persecution of a man who achieved the American dream be? The Defenzor asked one of the sources involved with Republican Women. The answer: "I believe it is the Republican office holders: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, NuecesCounty Jim Kaelin and the Republican Judge (whom I believed was pressured via partisan political muscle) who signed the order to raid his offices." What will be the ideal vehicle to keep the attack lingering on until the election? The response: "Conservative radio and a special network of media people within the mainstream media who espouse our views. In Conservative radio it is especially effective in that the allegations become a one-way street. The audience is very much receptive to attacks against their political foes – the Democrats.... And many hold prominent offices within the Republican Party even at the state level... whose job is to 'plot against Democrats.'" The simplicity of the plan is this: It doesn't’t matter if the information is not accurate or confirmed when you feed it to an audience who despise the Democratic Party anyway, or you have a lawyer who gives hundreds of thousands of dollars like Thomas J. Henry to control the television airwaves and try to try and convict Celis even before he is accused of anything in October of 2007. Some whisper that Henry is only a finger puppet for those rich white lawyers like the Club who want to control the legal profession, cut deals with the Republicans so no further limiting of lawsuits will occur and use Celis as the sacrificial lamb. As Celis mounts his defense it will be interesting to see all of these facts if proven come to light. THE VOID AND HISPANIC REPUBLICANS: OUT IN THE COLD? ARE THEY BEING USED FOR NUMBERS AND THEIR BELIEFS DISCOUNTED?

South Texas Verdad] B.A.C.A.L.A.: Velacrat is making friends with the Federal Entrapment Gang

While the Republican Party has attempted to portrayed Hispanics who enrolled in the Republican Party as enlightened such Attorney/Political Strategist Filemon B. Vela. Jr. (see December 2007 article, "The Prodigal Son") and his wife 13th Appeals Court Justice RoseVela – there are some that are embittered. "We do our thing in theHispanic Republican Assembly and they whites) do their thing. As long as we don't interfere in what they are doing everything is fine." The question that surfaces -- Is it segregation within the Republican Party? Do some of the top leaders who are part of the element informally referred to as the "lunatic fringe" only care about theHispanic vote and their numbers and not Hispanic input? When has it ever been any different. Go to a Republican gathering and Hispanics are only tolerated for the swing votes they bring.

Joey Martinez, whose father owns the Fruit Kings in the region, has-been an active participant in the party and in face he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to educate many in South Texas about the beneficial aspects of conservative thinking. However Martinez has admitted to El Defenzor that there is an element within the Republican Party that refuses to tolerate anything dealing with Texan culture. Martinez explained: "I was asked one day to help decorate some of the rooms while we were waiting for elections returns – the campaign workers of Jim Kaelin and a few others were present. We had a cowboy room and so forth. So I decided to decorate a Tejano Culture room. Was asked by prominent organizers of these campaigns to take everything down in that many (Anglos) who would be attending would be alienated and upset. I tried to explain that we as Hispanics are also sensitive and deserved a room to feel comfortable, to make many feel at ease. Soon after, the requests became demands... " Thus one story of many embittered Hispanic Republicans who are made to feel belittled or that their beliefs are not part of the redneck Republican image that politicians like Kaelin do not want to lose as a base. Martinez, who plays the accordion and is a Tejano music fan, concluded: "How can this element within the Republican Party expect to win elections if they are out to change us to see the world only through their eyes and not to see it through ours. They (and I am not saying everyone) don't accept our way of life and culture." An Hispanic woman that is actively involved with an Republican Women group told El Defenzor during an interview: "Some top figures within the Republican Party are encouraging us to take the message that Celis is hurting the Hispanic community. I understand that Celis has never ran for office nor cared to do such a thing. It seems some within this party want to cut off the funding sources to Democrats; but they don't have to go out for blood. No one seems to be challenging them. This is why they attack because they know they can... Even our local District Attorney Carlos Valdez seems to have jumped into their bandwagon." The Defenzor approached Corpus Christi City Councilman Larry Elizondo (who is considered an independent minded politician) and asked him if he felt Mauricio Celis had done anything wrong. Councilman Elizondo responded: "I don't think so. I feel it is media hype. I believe it is a gray area. Mauricio Celis found a niche in the market and many who are jealous of him are demonizing him." Many Hispanics are beginning to realize that the nonstop attack on Celis is very suspicious. Never has an attorney slandered another individual on TV in such a manner nonstop and no one has stopped to question why? No one has also questioned why Sheriff Kaelin got involved weeks later and was all over the news going after Celis. Politically motivated? You bet!! THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Isn’t the attacks against Celis and more to the point the Democratic Party controlled by Hispanics just gutter level politics? Sheriff Kaelin and Texas Attorney General Abbot both have politicized their offices. They are using their offices and resources to target partisan competitors. They both have a questionable past in dealing with minority issues. Sheriff Kaelin has deep dark secrets that will be share with our audience if necessary that were not brought up during his last campaign (and remarks that go beyond "the Rudy Bibotes" remark made on Domingo Live this weekend byte Head of the Nueces County Live Stock Show) – and Abbot has on several occasions targeted solely minorities with his infamous campaigns to supposedly stamp out voter fraud. In his last foray when he targeted mostly Hispanic women from Robstown (mostly ladies who were not familiar with the new elections laws) and other minorities in the state. Some believe that the voting machines and arrest of politiceras was a method to suppress the vote on the West side of Corpus Christi and Robstown which are Democratic strongholds. All the individuals targeted in the 2006 political cycle and before then were minority and Democrats (only Hispanics and Blacks). "Can you believe, not a single Anglo was indicted throughout the state during that foray only minorities who happen to be Democrats. How convenient," one political observer rold el Defenzor. The representative of the office of the Texas Attorney General was challenged by El Defenzor. El Defenzor pointed out why a booklet on how to identify voter fraud (which was put together and put out by the Attorney General's office) had a photo in the introduction of Black Americans at the polls; and then in the subsequent pages a section entitled "What to look for" in identifying mail voter fraud – an envelope was pictured with a "sickle cell" stamp (of a black woman holding her baby). This element wants to expediently belief the "assertions without proof" because either they are disenchanted with the Democratic Party being too Hispanicized; or because something is being offered the within the Republican party. And conservative radio has been the place to take such grips – Conservative Radio Commentator Eric Von Wade on one occasion (before taking the Channel 10 TV job) said that persons coming in from Mexico should be stamped a number like rubber ducks are in a carnival ... Just in case they need to be hunted down. He was the president of the rifle association at the time when he made the remark. A few that are part of this extreme fringe of the Republican Party have been stating: "Celis asked for it." This argument, however, is as slippery slope with terrible consequences. As Bush Escobedo, who sits on the 4A board and has been a community activist said: "All Mauricio (Celis) really did was parade his happiness and newly acquired fortune. But by what standard did he become a villain who invited both a legal and political attack on him? I believe all successful Hispanics now will have to be very careful – they just might be targeted in a similar manner." Escobedo concluded: "If The Texas Attorney General and Sheriff Jim Kaelin were motivated exclusively by public welfare they should have waited for evidence before making accusations. I don't believe the dislike of Celis is personal. He is a symbol of a larger hurt and of afar deeper anger. He has become a projection screen for this pain. Some extremists need to fill their villain void" MUCH, MUCH MORE TO COME. HOMERO VILLARREAL

Posted by HOMERO VILLARREAL at 11:17 PM



ask san antonio express news why they targeted Celis
Mr. John MacCormick launched a full attack on Celis and used questionable sources to slander his name to help the Republican agenda:

Ask him why:
January 14, 2008 11:24 PM
themericanprince said...

awesome article! I agree. The Republicans went way overboard with Celis. It's all for what? A naked girl at a sripes store who was drunk and Celis' partner's girlfriend from the Utopia nightclub? Give me a break. The badge was from him really being a peace officer. The only other crime he did was give a boatload of money to keep the Republicans at bay and not steal all the elections like they did nationally and last but not least he had a legitimate loophole to set up his firm. Oh! one more thing: He has a clean record, is a family man and has two kids. THIS IS A MAJOR SET UP!!!!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008
"These are not Democrat issues. These are not Republican issues." These are Nueces County issues" Somebody's Knockin on the Door."

It's Too Late To Apologize. Unlike yous guys, We Dont Work for the President

On Jan 12, 2008 6:18 PM, Jaime Kenedeño wrote:

Everybody welcome, the more the merrier. themericanprince, onamission, Homero, Nuts101, Mr Mikal Watts, Mr Filemon Vela, TJ Henry, Mr Attorney General come on guys why dont we air this thing out like Brett Favre? Just another walk in the park.

Lencho and the rest of the Political Crooks and Government Vendors / Contractors, You can thank Dora for the COLD BLAST from the past. And somebody better start standing up and helping out. Heaven forbid should we start saying your names. I am frickin pissed off at all of you. The day of reckoning or shall we say wreckoning is at hand. Speak up or get chewed up and spit out.

It's Too Late To Apologize. Unlike yous guys, We Dont Work for the President


We at Kenedeno & Associates apologize if this Documentary Dossier' offends. We certainly encourage anyone who disputes or challenges anything written in this Article to rebut / respond. The Links contain more in depth information. To find the specific reference click the link and use the edit find tool entering the phrase or word you wish to find. Also a simple Google search of any of the referred to entities will support the position this publication maintains.

The best way we can kick this thing off is with some hard hitting on the one's not used to getting hit. Lencho Rendon is the whipping boy he is the first one who gets hit.

If they can prosecute a little person for $45 then surely they can look into the allegations with the bridge to nowhere and the brown bag back porch window treatments and all that double standard malarchy.

Asian Human Trafficking or an Asian Employment Service? It all depends on who it is, how much lettuce they have, and who they got dirt on.

Why do we hand Lencho Rendon San Patricio Shores along our port and why does the Brownsville Navigation District do the same? And Solomon Grande, why do we keep on pulling the lever? And Solly Junior why give him another chance? He dont keep his promises.

The Nueces County Jail / Federal Prisoner Removal was a Political Smear and a total Sham directed at Larry Olivarez and Mikal Watts at the expense of Nueces County

It is this Publication's objective to prove the above statement.

All submissions are posted regardless of position or standing.

Now, to the heart of the matter; the "Shamsie Tick" FKA the "Shamsie Clique" Network of Avarice and Fiscal Loophole Specialties.

Dear Mr. Shamsie,

It is ironic how you entered the Body of Christ via Robstown. You pinched and cut, denied and fired, released and demoted your supporters their families and the community they inspired to elect you. A bang up JOB you performed with fiscal expediency and without one drop of loyalty (except in the end to your cronies).

Mr. Boss of Bosses, Jefe de Jefes, or fiscal deconstructionists (creative accountant); history has proved you a frugal man however one must question the oddball choices of highballin contractors (DOS Logistics & Omega Contracting) without a bid process. It turns out they are your cronies and you knew your days were numbered. Who are they one might ask? They are: Rene Rodriguez, George Finley (CC Distributors), Jaime Capelo, Terry Shamsie, Mack Rodriguez (Rainbow Building), Oscar Ortiz, Mike Rendon, Lencho Rendon and others to be defined. This faction of Politicos, presently are working within the Solomon Machine while biding their time. In the past, this faction has attempted to undermine and overthrow Congressman Ortiz. Randy Delay works under the Blessing of Solomon Grande.

DOS Logistics & Omega Contracting Inc.-

Yet, the county is paying three times the customary rate for engineering and inspection services, according to engineers in government and private practice.Instead of assigning the county's staff engineer to handle the project, Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie negotiated $7.6 million for engineering with Omega Contracting Inc. and $7.95 million for inspection with DOS Logistics, as the county revamps 280 miles of mostly flat, straight, narrow, non-shouldered rural roadway. , Source: CCCT,

DOS Logistics' registered agent is Eric Chin and the company is based in Weslaco, according to records from the Texas Secretary of State. Corpus Christi businessman George Finley said he started the company in 1999 to pursue minority contracts and that he no longer owns it. Source: CCCT
DeLay did legal work
Randy DeLay, a Houston lawyer and lobbyist, whose brother is U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, was the company's registered agent when it was incorporated in 1999. Finley said Randy DeLay's only role with DOS Logistics was handling the legal work of incorporating the company for Finley.Last year, Shamsie and County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz unsuccessfully sought to award DeLay a $1.2 million contract to lobby on behalf of local military installations. Source: CCCT

Texas Secretary of State records indicate that Omega Contracting is based in Dallas and belongs to Luis Spinola. Spinola also owns Azteca Enterprises. Both firms are described on their Web site as contractors that seek government contracts set aside for minorities. Source: CCCT

Public Private Strategies-

Randy DeLay, owner of Public Private Strategies Consult, Inc, said he told Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie and his assistant, Tyner Little, that his firm was withdrawing its proposal to represent the area. Source: CCCT

Last year, Shamsie and County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz unsuccessfully sought to award DeLay a $1.2 million contract to lobby on behalf of local military installations. Source: CCCT

Regional Transportation Authority Board Chairman Miguel Rendon (Lencho Rendon's Brother) said politics may be the undercurrent motivating two city councilmen who were critical this week of plans to put a rail trolley in downtown Corpus Christi.
Source: CCCT
Rendon said he suspects City Councilmen Rex Kinnison and Brent Chesney voiced opposition to the trolley because the City Council secretly did not want the RTA to renew a $120,000 contract in January with lobbyist Randy DeLay's company, Private Public Strategy Consulting. DeLay is the brother of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a Republican from Sugar Land. Source: CCCT

The Correction Corporations of America (CCA)-

Private Prison-Industrial complex such as the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the GEO Group (formerly known as Wackenhut), Correctional Services Corporation (CSC) and Correctional Medical Services.,

The Federal Prison Lobby Bureau of Prisons-
Randy DeLay, the brother of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), lobbied the Bureau of Prisons to send its prisoners to RCDC [Reeves County Detention Facility], at the behest of county officials. Randy DeLay isn't the only member of his family with an interest in corrections. In December, Rep. DeLay accepted a $100,000 check from the CCA for the DeLay Foundation for Kids.,

Does anybody remember the April Primary and the Robstown Private Prison Contractor (LCS) Leverage of Public Opinion that affected the election?

Political ad could alter deal
Nonetheless, the company's owners fired off statements Tuesday and Wednesday through lawyer Tonya Webber questioning why they were being pulled into the political fray and refusing to comment to "rumors or allegations that the negative campaign" had jeopardized the company's plans for the facility.
"LCS Company officials will not respond to questions regarding whether the company will change its plans to build a corrections facility in Nueces County," Webber said. "They will not make that decision until after next Tuesday's election."
Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria said it would be unfortunate if the political ad kills the project. Source: CCCT

CAMPAIGN MUD BEING SLUNG HARDCompany officials refused to comment on whether the ad has now jeopardized the plans to build the corrections facility, saying it might unfairly impact the election.
Source: CCCT
Lencho Rendon was Pete Alvarez's Political Consultant.
Source: Brownsville Herald

Lencho is allied in business with Randy Delay.

Why would the Louisiana Contractor (Robstown Federal Prison Project) side against a candidate of Lencho Rendon?

Was Lencho squeezed?

WATT were Lencho's intentions regarding Pete Alvarez?

Who wanted to eliminate Alvarez for a candidate they could or thought they could control?

Is that candidate Jimmy Rodriguez or Jim Kaelin?

Is there any truth that Kaelin is being courted (or has received campaign donations) from WATT Democrat?

WATT could Shamsie and Delay (with his Federal Lobby influence) do to affect the Federal Prisoner Removal?

DeLay's company is paid to conduct federal lobbying

Caller-Times reporter Brad Olson wrote that Randy DeLay, through his Washington connections, would have pressed for the appointment of a BRAC commissioner who would be favorably disposed to South Texas bases. Source: CCCT

RTA chairman Mike Rendon and board members Roland Barrera and Joe Benavides said they are pleased with DeLay's lobbying progress. Source: CCCT"I think his strong point is that he knows the members on the Senate and the House," Rendon said. "If you hired me as a lobbyist, I don't have the contacts that he has in the upper echelon of committee members. That is where the influence comes." Source: CCCT

WATT initiated the scrutiny was the abuse of a Political Familia from Robstown. In the past, the Nueces County Jail Conditions have never been an issue. The Jail became an issue only after the scheme to railroad $1.2 million to lobbyist Randy Delay's company Private Public Strategy Consulting was derailed.

Last year, Shamsie and County Commissioner Oscar Ortiz unsuccessfully sought to award DeLay a $1.2 million contract to lobby on behalf of local military installations.

"County Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria said Shamsie was "the driving force" behind the two contracts (DOS Logistics & Omega Contracting Inc). Shamsie recommended the two firms to the commissioners, she said.She said she was anxious to get the project moving because a majority of the roads in need of work are in her precinct and at the time she did not notice that she was never shown any qualifications for either firm, she said."
Source: CCCT

BRACC, BREAK or BROKE while sacrificing our "money maker" (the Nueces County Jail) was no longer a dilemma for a Lame Duck Nueces County Constitutional Judge (Terry already knew he wasn't coming back) to invoke the Federal Marshal's into his vendetta with Mikal Watts and Larry Olivarez. One phone call to Randy and the Bureau of Prisons went to work.

Was / is Randy Delay with the support of Solomon Grande our Nueces County insider connection to the Federal Prison Lobby?

The RCDC is a private-public partnership in more ways than one. Randy DeLay, the brother of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R–Tex.), lobbied the Bureau of Prisons to send its prisoners to RCDC, at the behest of county officials.Randy DeLay isn't the only member of his family with an interest in corrections. In December, Rep. DeLay accepted a $100,000 check from the CCA for the DeLay Foundation for Kids.

The Awards (evidenced by Larry Olivarez) and the Federal Prisoner occupancy dividend was never a problem until after the $1.2 Million to DELAY was denied.

For a fellow who conducts his business out of the glare of publicity, Randy DeLay has a way of popping up in headlines - and generating controversies - in these parts.
Source: CCCTLast May, DeLay, the lobbyist (and brother of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay), came into the spotlight when Nueces County Judge Terry Shamsie tried (but failed) to convince his colleagues on the Commissioners Court support retaining his lobbying services. Source: CCCT

WHO wanted the Nueces County Jail to be a problem right in the middle of the County Leadership Races?

Randy DeLay was hired to help Reeves County lobby to get more federal inmates from the federal Bureau of Prisons & Reinstate employees JOBS Source: CCCT

Who crashed in during the Primary from Louisiana with concerns about the building of a Private Prison?

"I remember Lencho telling me that his ideal dream team (to help BND) would be (lobbyist) Randy DeLay, (Monterrey consult-ant) Esther Rodriguez and 'Madam Ping,'" Lasseigne said.

A Dream Team of Randy Delay Lobbying in Washington, Solomon Sr. nicely positioned on the House Arms Services Committee and his influential "friends" such as Congressman Ike Skelton, the distract and the DELAY side JOB Lobby at the Federal Bureau of Prisons / CCA / Private Prison Profiteering CON. The Daytime JOB is the Defense Contractor Ocean Shipholdings

Total Defense Contracts, 1998-2003: $1,094,875,569

Ocean Shipholdings Inc. builds, repairs and operates ocean-going marine vessels. Over the past six years, the company ranked as the Pentagon's second-largest provider of marine transportation of equipment.

Many contract dollars are classified as going to a small business or small disadvantaged business (minority-owed, etc.). Set-aside contracts are reserved for small businesses; large companies cannot compete for them.
According to records from the Texas Secretary of State. Corpus Christi businessman George Finley said he started DOS Logistics in 1999 to pursue minority contracts


Campaign Contributions

Top Recipients
Democratic Party Committees
Rep Solomon P Ortiz (D-TX)
Rep Gene Green (D-TX)
President George W Bush (R)
Rep Ike Skelton (D-MO)
Rep Richard A Gephardt (D-MO)
Republican Party Committees
Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)
Rep Ken Bentsen (D-TX)
Rep Chris Bell (D-TX)
Rep Tom DeLay (R-TX)
Rep John Culberson (R-TX)
Sen John Cornyn (R-TX)
Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK)
Rep Don Young (R-AK)
Rep Henry Bonilla (R-TX)
Rep Jerry Lewis (R-CA)
Rep Norman D Dicks (D-WA)
Rep Martin Frost (D-TX) $1,000

Rep Helen Delich Bentley (R-MD) $1,000 The Center for Public Integrity has instituted an improved methodology to compute lobbying figures in order to produce the most accurate possible totals. For up-to-date lobbying information calculated with the revised methodology please see the Center's LobbyWatch site.

With the Shamsie Dream Team, the Nueces County housing Federal Prisoners was never an issue, not even when the Mold Contamination was an issue were Federal Marshalls involved. Evidently, the Mold remains even though the Commissioners Court and Shamsie never addressed it (or did they ignore it?).

"These are not Democrat issues. These are not Republican issues." These are Nueces County issues

The Caller Times and mainly Jaime Powell has informed us all along of the elements referred to in this work product. We at Kenedeno & Associates attempt to compile, organize and put in plain words a meaningful testimony.

posted by Jaime Kenedeño at 4:09 AM

Blogger Jaime Kenedeño said...


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – The man who arranged the delivery of bribe payments to two Willacy County commissioners in exchange for contract advantages in the construction of the Willacy County Adult Correctional Center (Center) in Raymondville, Texas, was sentenced today, U.S. Attorney Don DeGabrielle announced.

David Cortez, 72, of Laredo, Texas, will be serving a three-month term of imprisonment at a facility to be designated by the U.S. Bureau of Bureau of Prisons to be followed by a two-year term of supervised release during which Cortez will be confined to his home for six months. U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen imposed the sentence this morning and further ordered Cortez to pay a $25,000 fine.

Two Willacy County commissioners -- Jose Jimenez, of Sebastian, Texas, and Commissioner Israel Tamez, 60, of Raymondville, Texas, were convicted in January 2005 for accepting bribe payments in exchange for contract advantages in the construction of the Center, which houses federal inmates. On March 24, 2005, former Webb County Commissioner David Cortez, who arranged the delivery of the bribe payments to these men, admitted to forwarding a series of payments totaling approximately $39,000 from a corporation involved in soliciting a consulting contract regarding the Center in Willacy County. The payments were in exchange for providing the particular corporation with advantages not available to others interested in, and competing for the consulting contract concerning the Center.

Former Willacy County Commission Israel Tamez was sentenced to six months in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release and fined $25,000.

The charges against former Willacy County Commissioner Jose Jimenez were dismissed following his death earlier this year.

Cortez, who had been serving as a county commission for Webb County at the time of his conviction, resigned following the entry of his guilty plea in March 2005.

The charges filed against David Cortez and the two commissioners were the result of an investigation conducted by special agents of the FBI, the Texas Rangers, and the Willacy County Sheriff's Department.
12:01 AM
Blogger Jaime Kenedeño said...


McALLEN, Texas – Paulita Nilo, 24, of Mercedes, Texas, was sentenced to prison for bribery of a public official, U.S. Attorney Don DeGabrielle announced today.

Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa sentenced Nilo on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2006, to a year and a day in federal prison, without parole. Nilo was ordered to surrender to the U.S. Marshals on Dec. 29, 2006. The prison term will be followed by a two-year term of supervised release.

Nilo pleaded guilty in July, admitting that in May 2006, she approached a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer while he was off-duty and offered him an unspecified amount of money to facilitate the smuggling of an undocumented alien through the Progreso, Texas Port of Entry. The CBP officer reported the incident to his superiors. During the subsequent investigation, Nilo exchanged numerous telephone calls with the CBP officer concerning arrangements for the passage of an undocumented alien into the United States. Ultimately, Nilo paid the officer $300, and on that same day was immediately arrested after driving a vehicle through the Progreso, Texas Port of Entry, accompanied by an undocumented alien.

The charge against Nilo is the result of an investigation conducted by the Department of Homeland Security - Office of Inspector General and Customs and Border Protection. The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Linda Requenez Rossborough.
12:03 AM
Blogger Jaime Kenedeño said...

November 9, 2006


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A former commissioner of Willacy County was sentenced to prison for accepting bribe payments related to contracts for the Willacy County Adult Correction Center in Raymondville, Texas, U.S. Attorney Don DeGabrielle announced today.

Israel Tamez, 60, of Raymondville, was sentenced to serve six months in federal prison and fined $25,000 at a hearing held this morning before U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen. Tamez has been permitted to remain free on bond pending an order from the court directing him to surrender himself to a prison facility to be designated by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. Following his release from prison, the court has ordered Tamez to serve a three year term of supervised release.

The bribery charge filed against Tamez was the result of an ongoing investigation conducted by special agents of the FBI, the Texas Rangers, and the Willacy County Sheriff's Department.

Tamez and former Willacy County Commissioner Jose Jimenez of Sebastian, Texas, were originally charged with conspiracy to commit bribery in a one-count information. Both men pleaded guilty to the charge in January 2005 when they admitted to agreeing to accept cash in exchange for voting to select particular corporate representatives and their companies in competition for the design, construction, financing, maintenance and management of the Correction Center. Tamez admitted receiving a series of cash payment totaling $10,000 or more from the corporate representatives selected to receive the contracts.

The charges against former Commissioner Jose Jimenez were dismissed earlier this year due to his death.

# # #
12:04 AM
Blogger Jaime Kenedeño said...

Nueces County
Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project
Promoting Growth and Opportunity

Public Involvement
Maximizing Community Awareness
Public Events Calendar

Press Releases


Contact Info

Photo Gallery

Message from Judge Terry Shamsie…

"In order to meet the demands of increased traffic and population, Nueces County has made road and bridge improvement projects a top priority. Investing in our county's infrastructure will create a solid foundation for new jobs, increase revenue for local government services and schools, and lighten the long-term tax burden on our residents. With a focus on traffic and safety improvements today, we increase our potential for economic, agricultural, and commercial growth tomorrow. Nueces County is committed to developing and improving roads and bridges that will better serve our communities."
What is the Nueces County Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program?

The Nueces County Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project is an endeavor to address the critical infrastructure needs of Nueces County. As the county expands its services to meet the growing transportation needs of its citizens, the county has made road and bridge improvement projects a top priority.

The project is an 18-month, 58 million dollar Capital Improvement Project adopted by the Nueces County Commissioners Court and funded by Series 2004 Certificates of Obligation. The project will address the rehabilitation of 280 miles of county roadways and the replacement of 39 bridges.
How does the project benefit Nueces County?

Building new roads and upgrading existing streets help reduce traffic congestion, decrease accidents and improve safety. Furthermore, good roads and bridges are essential to the economy and livability in Nueces County and help increase response time for law enforcement and emergency medical personnel.

Efficient roads and bridges will also promote agricultural productivity and transport of goods to the ports for the Nueces County farming and refinery industries - which makes up a significant segment of the local economy.

By adopting a Capital Improvement Program, Nueces County now has a valuable management tool for citizens, developers, businesses and planning committees who are interested in the development of all Nueces County communities. The Nueces County CIP reflects its community's assets, needs and goals and also provides guidelines for the potential for future growth and development of Nueces County.
What is the county doing to promote public involvement and community awareness about this project?

In order to enhance public involvement, Nueces County has hired Dos Logistics to coordinate all aspects of public relations as it pertains to the project. Together with Nueces County, Dos Logistics has developed a Public Involvement Strategic Plan that addresses community awareness implementation procedures, an 18-month timeline of events and strategic planning measures to maximize pubic participation and awareness.

The Nueces County Commissioners Court believes it is critical that information is disseminated to the public in a timely and efficient manner to ensure local leaders and citizens remain well informed about the progress of the project and how it directly affects their communities.

The project team has already initiated the public involvement process - targeting public and private media, citizen groups, City Councils and School Boards and community based programs, to disseminate information, acquire feedback and communicate reports on project status. From an official Press Conference & Tour to kick-off the commencement of the project to Community Meetings and presentations to local City Councils, Nueces County is committed to engaging the public in the information process throughout the entire course of the 18-month project. Click here for more information on Public Events.
How Can the Public Voice Support, Opposition or Concerns about a Road or Bridge Improvement Project?

For projects initiated through the CIP process, the county will hold quarterly public meetings with residents to discuss a particular road and bridge improvement project. Letters will be sent to property owners in the affected area inviting them to attend the public meeting(s) with county officials and others involved in the project. Nueces County will also issue news releases to the media and place legal advertisements in the newspaper to notify residents about a public meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide an overview of the project, answer citizens' questions and gather comments from community members about the design of the project. In addition to the public meeting(s), residents can voice their concerns or questions at the Nueces County Commissioners Court Meeting during Public Comments. Project Team members also attend each meeting to provide a project update to the Commissioners Court and to answer any questions that may arise.
3:04 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re(1): In Defense of Solomon Ortiz Jr.
Posted on December 25, 2006 at 04:38:09 PM by Roddzilla

What's the big deal? MacCarthyism in El Defenzor? This is outright ridiculous. FDR had socialist tendencies, was he labeled? Communism in concept sound like a great idea. Human nature screws it up. Give this young man a chance and cut the labels.... Ricardo - It was great meeting you the other evening, I hope I didn't bore you with my rhetoric!


Re(2): In Defense of Solomon Ortiz Jr.
Posted on December 26, 2006 at 02:17:50 AM by dannoynted1

you probably did!

Re(3): In Defense of Solomon Ortiz Jr.
Posted on December 26, 2006 at 03:41:53 AM by Roddzilla

Maybe I shoulda quoted some song lyrics?!? That always seems to work for you.....

Re(4): In Defense of Solomon Ortiz Jr.
Posted on December 26, 2006 at 05:26:50 AM by dannoynted1

well if the shoe fits.....
1:37 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
1:38 AM
Blogger Jaime Kenedeño said...

BND, Dannenbaum reach settlement

The Brownsville Herald

February 15, 2007 — The Brownsville Navigation District board on Wednesday approved a settlement proposal with Dannenbaum Engineering Corp. of Houston, regarding a failed bridge project.

The district spent more than $20 million for a new international bridge that was never built. An internal BND investigation later revealed that most of the money paid to Dannenbaum was not justified.

Just how much of the $21.4 million spent on the nonexistent bridge will be recouped is unknown.

The terms of the settlement are being kept confidential until both parties sign the proposal. It will come back to the board for final action on Feb. 21.

Chairman Martin Arambula, vice chairman Luigi Cristiano and fellow commissioners Roy de los Santos and Carlos Masso voted for the settlement with Dannenbaum, the project engineers and managers.

Commissioner Peter Zavaletta voted against the move, saying, "I think it's a bad agreement."

The board majority immediately rejected a proposal from Zavaletta that the board should contact the Cameron County District Attorney, the Texas Rangers, the FBI, and U.S. Attorney's Office, urging criminal investigations into the project to continue and reaffirming its full cooperation.

Zavaletta also proposed that interim administrator Donna Eymard and commissioners tell the law enforcement agencies that they would willingly serve as complainants in the event criminal charges are brought.

He said he feared that law enforcement agencies would think that BND was satisfied with all aspects of the project in reaching a settlement.

"This is too important to taxpayers," Zavaletta said.

Fellow commissioners, however, indicated that Zavaletta's proposal took them by surprise and said that Zavaletta should have brought this up in executive session before springing it on the board in public.

"In theory, it's a great idea," Cristiano told Zavaletta. Cristiano then admonished him, asking, "What message are you sending by blindsiding us?"

Commissioners agreed to discuss Zavaletta's proposal at BND's upcoming meeting Feb. 21.

The settlement brings an end to nearly two years of litigation.

BND paid Dannenbaum $15.4 million from 1997 to 2004.

Following an investigation by The Brownsville Herald, a spending study by BND special counsel showed that of the monies paid to the firm, $9.2 million were not justified, $1.7 million in possible "success" fees were in question, and the firm might have done about $4.5 million in engineering work.

In the midst of mediation efforts, Dannenbaum sued BND in the spring of 2005, claiming the district owed it $822,365.

BND countersued to recoup the millions paid to the firm, claiming breach of contract, self-dealing and fraud.

Posted on Feb 15, 07 | 12:09 am

Printer Friendly Version | Email Article

I completely agree with Peter Zavaletta. This is in light of the fact that the terms to this agreement are not available. WHY???? The money paid came from taxpayers so I think we should at least know what these terms are going to be before these other commissioners make a big decision like this. I want to congratulate Mr. Zavaletta for being a good commissioner and looking for our best interest.

Posted by: Miguel on Feb 15, 07 | 5:58 am

What are the Commissioners hiding? Who are they trying to get off? Are they trying to sweep this under the rug by reaching a 'settlement' then keep it secret? There'll be hell to pay if they try. Peter - go get 'em.

Posted by: RUNNER on Feb 15,

Posted By The Advocate to Solomon P. Ortiz at 1/13/2008

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Saturday, January 12, 2008
The only way we will be a factor is by interacting & through Natural Discussion

Everybody welcome, the more the merrier. themericanprince, onamission, Homero, Nuts101, Mr Mikal Watts, Mr Filemon Vela, TJ Henry, Mr Attorney General come on guys why dont we air this thing out like Brett Favre? Just another walk in the park.

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Friday, January 11, 2008
South Texas Political Engagement Links

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* Workforce Investment Act
* 555 N. Carancahua

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Robert Zamora:A Man of Strength & Stability ; Winning Back The Nueces County Democratic Party For All South Texas Democrats

Zamora Announces for Party Chair

Updated: Jan 1, 2008 12:31 AM

A local attorney has announced he is running for chairman of the Nueces County Democratic Party.

There has been talk that several people might run. On Monday, attorney Robert Zamora officially announced that he has filed for the position, which is now held by Alex Garcia Jr.

"I have not only experience as a lawyer operating my own business for close to 30 years," Zamora said. "What I would like to do is lend the energy and the experience that I have to the operation of the Democratic Party here in Nueces County.

The race will be decided in the state presidential primary in March.

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* Jaime Kenedeño

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